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I’m always for writing a rave review of a shop or service, and today my hat goes off to an online store dedicated to all things baby and toddler.
Despite seeing the ad on Facebook for quite sometime I never really paid any attention to it, simply because 7.5 years in India had me become suspicious of online shopping. Ridiculous it might seem, I was the queen of online and mail in order shopping back home, even ordering clothes that way. But as DH pointed online shopping is hard to trust in India, you still have a lot of bogus stores, and if you visit the website, you get a lot of negative reviews on even some of the oldest like rediff shopping, with people complaining about broken goods, fake goods, second hand passed as brand new…not something that would lead to people trusting the concept.
But back to First Cry shall we? Right before we moved DH pointed out that maybe we could find a way to order diapers in bulk to save money (and yes our daughter isn’t potty trained, and showing no sign of readiness or interest), that lead him to Google something about diapers and find the link to First Cry among others. What eventually lead us to order on First Cry was the fact the diapers there were 15% off the MRP which was the most significant discount we found, then of course we looked for reviews about the online shopping site to see if they were reliable, and it seemed to be the case.
Shipping is free if your order is above 1000 rupees, so we ordered 2 packs of diapers, and teats for Ishita’s bottle, all that on Tuesday night (after business hours), we were promptly informed that our order would be backed and shipped within 24 hours and a email containing the courrier tracking ID would be sent to us as soon as the order would be shipped.
The tracking ID mail was sent to us the next morning at around 10am…barely 12 hours after our out of business hour order. I estimated the goods would take about a day and a half  or two day to reach me, but the next day at 11am the delivery guy was announcing himself at the security checkpoint in my building.
Everything was nicely packaged, nothing was missing, or reached damaged, and along with my tax invoice came a voucher to avail an additional 15% off on soft toys valid until September end, not that I might necessarily use that one, but I like the idea of receiving vouchers for more discounts with an order.
Now aside the obvious “Why didn’t we think of it sooner?” my other question is “Why this site wasn’t even existing 2.5 years ago?” When I was pregnant and trying to figure out what baby gear was available at what price in India, back then I did a lot of online research that lead nowhere, and i am sure I would have remembered First Cry if it existed back then, but it seems to be an extremely new company.
A company I can definitely recommend to all new mothers out there, they stock up all major brands in diapers, feeding solution, baby care, toys and gear, as well as clothes and shoes.
I can remember all too well my new mom rush to buy essentials I forgot to buy after Ishi was born, and always finding myself out of diapers rushing to the store to get more, sleep deprived, puffy and on a deadline between two baby feeding session. The idea of ordering something online and getting it at your doorstep 2 days later is a very appealing anytime, even more when you are a new parent, discount or no discount.


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