How to pack your CFL bulbs

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Let’s face it at over a 100 bucks for one bulb, they are the things you don’t want to leave behind with each move, especially when DH and I prefer the ones that gives a yellow light over the ghastly white regular one and that the one we prefer force us to go to an electrical store rather than pick them up at the supermarket.
When we were living in Navi Mumbai our flat had about 20 (yes I counted them) bulb sockets, and the oh so boring traditional naked tube lights I so detest. So DH and I decided to just put a few bulbs around the place, the bathrooms had the cold white ones because we goofed up, but all the other rooms had or lamps or sockets we equipped with yellow light CFL.
When we left we took all out bulb with us, as when we came in there was nothing and we were not about to give the landlady or future tenant any freebie. So I purchased a big square “Lock and Lock” stile plastic box, and we stored all the bulbs in there. back then we didn’t have more than two toilet paper roll, so I used these, and wrapped the other in newspaper, as we threw the original package away. Now both method work, all our bulbs arrived intact in Bangalore, but the newspaper method gets bulky and is time consuming.
This time around I wisely started saving TP rolls over the weeks, even using the kitchen towel rolls cut in 3 and used them to get all my precious CFL packed up. All you need to do is put the tube part inside the roll, and tape the roll to the base of the bulb and store them all neatly in a box…it takes half the time of rolling newspaper around them, and you can reuse the rolls for a craft project at destination if you have kids…in my case I’m planning to make a Christmas shaped Advent Calendar for Ishi using these.

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