Let the insanity truly begin

11:14 PM

The active phase has started, after weeks of anticipation, real estate website search, the reality that we will be moving shortly after finding a great flat, the war plan drafts, the preliminary work, and the mental conditioning, we are now officially in the final stretch before our stuff find their way into boxes, a truck and off to Mumbai.
I would have loved for the plan to not deviate, but this time there has been minor changes in the test and tried MO, the biggest deviation being the choice of packing and moving company, in the past we used Agarwal packers and Movers, we knew the deal, they come, give the estimate, you call them at least 24hrs in advance, they come, they pack in a day, and 3 days later they are at the destination, they unpack, you check the boxes on your list as they come in, and you ten store the stuff in the furniture yourself, and inevitably find one or two things that bear some slight albeit non critical damage.
This time however, DH’s company has a tie up with another company, name unknown, who seem to work a bit differently.
The guy who came for the estimate was extremely punctual, which is a big positive point, he was polite, efficient, and asked the questions right…another big positive. He then called DH to ask him the rough estimated value of our stuff for the insurance purpose (Agarwal never bothered), and then ask him at what date we want the stuff to reach Mumbai, DH announces the 13th of August, so that we have the whole long weekend to get settled, according to this info, the guy announce that the packing phase should commence on the 8th and finish on the 9th, that I find odd, because I know from experience that it doesn’t take 2 days to pack it all, and DH points it out, the guy said it might take less time but that he is taking the arrival of the transit truck into the equation, which makes a lot of sense, as with the previous moves the truck comes to pic up the stuff in the evening and probably doesn’t leave the warehouse until the next day.

I sure hope that the positive first impression is going to reflect with the packers and movers and how they handle my stuff, DH assures me that  since they have a tie up with a big company like his that must be good enough. We haven’t had the final quote, but DH suspect that they sent it straight to the finance department in his company and that we won’t have to pay the amount out of our pocket and then wait for reimbursement…a thing that would be more than excellent considering the financial poo poo in which DH’s previous employer put us through.
The longer estimated transit to Mumbai left us with a new matter to plan: our living arrangement while in transit. There will be at least one night of urban camping in our old flat for sure, then the plan is to stay for 2-3 days at a friends place in Navi Mumbai while checking jasmine into a kennel upon arrival, then proceed to our new apartment on delivery day, all this in the effort of making the move less traumatising for Ishita, and less boring for us (3 days of living in an empty place…that’s a bit too much Urban Camping.
DH is just now starting to wake up and think things through, and fortunately my war plan covers it all, and I am proud to announce that about 98% of the preliminary tasks have been chalked off the list. Leaving us with the daunting matter of the old college books, boring novels, and Xeroxed SAP books DH has been hoarding over the years.  We agreed that this time, we are going to jettison some of the dead weight, the only issue was were to dump the crap, the matter is going to be fully resolved on Saturday when DH comes back for the final phase, but in an effort to be a bit more efficient during our rather short window between the move and DH’s homecoming I set up to empty all the wardrobes cabinets of their literary content, after DH asked me to send him list of all the original copies of his college books! As an efficient lady that I can be, I set up to the task right away, taking down piles after piles of books, sorting them into “throw away” “SAP” and “College”. Then took my little black book and wrote down the titles of the said college books along with the author’s name as a draft to the word document I would send later.
Some might ask why I didn’t write the document right away, well there are several reasons, the main one being that I set on the task in the middle of Ishita’s nap for improved productivity while still being aware of the Murphy’s law of parenthood stating that if you have a big project demanding some quiet time you are less likely to get it as the nap will end sooner than usual.
And guess what? I was right, it did, barely 45 minutes after putting my daughter in bed for the nap she woke up in tears, and refused to sleep some more. SO my plan of writing down on paper where I wont feel lost and confused if I stop 6 times in between to attend toddler emergencies and possibly fear having to deal with a laptop issue (toddlers and laptops don’t mix, and another murphy’s law states that should you embark on a very important task in Ms Office you will loose your work if you didn't;t back it up the old fashioned way with an old copy). The key to mommy sanity in these situations is to trump Murphy’s laws, learned through a lot of trial and error I might add.
So about 2 hours after I set up on the task of playing old junk librarian, I clicked send on Gmail, with my precious list and my daughter blissfully ignoring me watching the “Pingu” episodes I downloaded that very morning as part of my strategic planning.
I wished though that DH owned more original college books, and more Xeroxed crap, than he owns Xeroxed SAP learning material, because that he wants to hang dear to, never mind that he no longer works with SAP, that he never touched most of the books while he was working on SAP and that piling them up in one neat single pile was scary, never did I see as much books on one single topic reaching my personal height in one private home. All my favourite novels put together…yeah sure…but they are paperbacks, they don’t nearly take as much space as these monster spiral bound things…I informed DH right away of the scary scenario unfolding, at which point he tells me he has a few of these in eBooks on his hard drive! And that if he has time this weekend he will go through them. I should have known, we have some music albums that we own on Cassettes, CD and MP3, never mind that our music system is kaput and that yes DH is keeping it too, just in case it gets miraculously healed, growing back fried circuits, and tape compartment doors (that Ishi ripped off the base unit)…sigh!

I spent the rest of the day persuading my daughter to eat lunch, wrote a shopping list, removed all the CFL light bulbs we bought with the plain old incandescent ones that came with the place, noticing of course that out of 5 bulbs 4 fried and broke, electrocuted myself trying to remove the base of a bulb from my testing unit (bedside table) after only the glass part came out, not fully realising that both the wall plug switch and the lamp’s switch were on. Moment at which my daughter decided to throw all the popcorns on the floor and scream because my dog went for the free food and my neighbour ringing my doorbell because she wanted to know the phone number of my landlord (which we don’t have).
I spent a cumulative hour on the phone with DH clarifying some details relevant to the upcoming move, and an increase urge to start striking the last minute tasks off my list and be done with this whole move. If I weren’t so science deficient I would see myself as a lab rat mad physicist coming up with the real version of the shrink laser from “Honey I shrank the kids” in a more portable version, in order to zap all my stuff, load them in my suitcase, and zap them back to their original size on destination. of course if I were the one inventing such a thing, I would be rich, and we would be in our own mansion or something, and would not need to relocate because of DH’s job…

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