My External Hard Drive

10:18 PM

One of my reader wondered how I manage to keep my blog so up to date in spite of all the packing and moving craziness going on in my life right now.
Well first of all, I’m the type who writes down tension as soon as they appear (in order to leave more room in my mind for more tensions to build up I might add).
I’ve always been writing, and loving it, be it in my diary, essays in school, there hasn’t been a day without me scribbling something for as far as I remember.
I also have the crazy ability to just multitask physically and mentally all at once, so while I am busy doing something, a solid portion of my mind is free to think about something too. And since I have a fairly good memory as well, I tend to remember a lot about my mind wandering trips which I can put to use the minute I have some spare time.

In extremely busy times like now, I however rely on this:

An external hard drive for the brain if you like, I also call it my little black book, it contains ideas, recipes, drafts of potential blog entries, and my relocation war plan, when a topic or info becomes out-dated, I just rip the pages off, pretty much the way you would delete temp files on your computer, once the book is over, I get a new one.
As far as the war plan goes, the book is at hand during the whole relocation phase, travels with me in my cabin luggage, and contains not only the to do lists, but the useful phone numbers we might need before leaving our old flat and the one we will need once arriving. The measurements of some of my furniture, so that once in the new empty flat I can immediately refer to it while starting to plan a home decor in my mind, all that to just direct the packers and movers better once they arrive, and since in the past 3 moves I’ve been going blind for two of them, seeing the flat for the first time once arrived with our suitcase, anticipating as fast as I can is a necessity (mainly because I hate moving and the more painless and faster I can make it the better).
And because I’m constantly planning stuff in my mind, I get more time to think about writing, blog, craft project…the ideas never come in short supply, but time does, with all the great projects I have running through my crazy little brain, only about 10% ever make it into a concrete thing, the remaining keeps coming and going, until one day they finally get to make it to the next level.

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