The Wall

7:21 PM

Between July 2011 and now we have relocated 3 times and Dh changed job just as many times. The first time even though it meant leaving our great albeit slightly small apartment for Mumbai we were exited, it was new, we had nothing against a change, DH’s job was full of promise, paid better, and we went with an optimistic mind-set about the whole thing, I took tons of pictures, documented the move, was upbeat, happy and just embraced the move.
The DH’s job wasn’t what he expected, uncertainties started poking around, and we found out we really hated Navi Mumbai. So DH went to look for another job, got one, and learnt it had an office in Bangalore, we rejoiced at the prospect of going back to our favourite city, 7 months in Navi Mumbai was our limit, so we shifted, and that is around the exact same time DH’s new company started to announce delays in salaries, always promising the crisis would be solved very soon, by April he was actively looking for something else, not that he hated the job itself, but the endless promises from his boss about the money coming soon wore thinner and thinner (as of today they still owe him 4 months salaries and travel expenses reimbursement). So by June he got this great new offer, in a big reliable company, with more money, with the only drawback that it was back in Mumbai.
By then we were both groaning at the prospect of another move, considering the last one was daunting and not at all exiting despite the promise of being back home. But since life has this funny way of throwing stuff at you we went through the motion, looked at real estate sites, coordinated on the phone, planned the move the best way we could, worried about finance, and before we knew it DH was home after one month being away, to help us get ready for the move.
That time around we really just lost the excitement, the packers and movers aren’t the same as the two previous move, and while they took 2 days to pack, and 4-5 days to relocate our stuff it left us a bit less keyed up and exhausted from the packing and rushing through the airport like zombies, the problem is that as I’m writing this, we are still in Bangalore, at the end of day 2 of urban camping in an empty flat, with a dog and a toddler, boredom had the time to set in, and with it the sinking reality about the move, our stuff will reach on Saturday 13th, in the evening so much so that the unloading of the truck wont happen until Tuesday 16th due to the fact the new apartment building prohibits deliveries on Sunday and that Monday is Independence Day, a day the movers won’t work. All of it entirely sabotaging the plan DH and I had to settle over the weekend.
We just hit the moving wall, the point at which we simply don’t want to and can’t take any more of it, we are fed up, are coming to the realisation we are exhausted as the 2 days we spent was enough to let the adrenaline that was carrying us flush away. We made a new plan, still flying on the 12th but staying in Navi Mumbai until the 15th and then move to our new empty quarter, a friend will have us over, the dog will stay in a kennel, and we will at least sleep in a real bed for 2 nights, and sit in armchairs, and have food in real plates and be able to do some laundry as our clothes were not packed in sufficient amount to last us more than 4 days. DH has to go back to work on the 16th, and hope he can take the afternoon off, as I’m just dreading having to direct packers an movers in a new place with Ishita being the terrible two toddler she is, screaming and whining when things don’t go her way, I’m still human, and at the moment I feel I have reached my sanity break point. All I want right now, is my favourite cup of tea, in my own bed, with my favourite books, a few scented candles, and not even the glimpse of a box, or even a checklist, I want my black book to disappear from my life for a little while and feel functional again.
That move better has to be the last one for at least 5 years to come, or until we can actually afford buying our own place…until then, I don’t even want to hear the words relocation, or packing…I’m THROUGH!

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