We aren’t 20 anymore

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Or in our case, we have moved so many times we just are loosing our stamina, as I mention in my “wall” post, this move really took the toll out of us, I sense a much longer recovery period this time, and one week into it, I am pretty much falling in the vegetative state that I’m tempted to label “post-shifting trauma”.
This time around as mentioned previously (and good to know I still have my memory working…to some extent), the packers and movers took a bit more time to pack our stuff and relocate them, as of Thursday the 11th they still had no idea about whether they would make it to Mumbai on Saturday the 13th or not and told us it would be more likely that they would arrive on the 14th, which was a Sunday, and a day prohibited by our new apartment society for trucks to unload goods, and the packers and movers added that they would not come on the 1th as it is a public holiday, that Thursday DH and I dreaded the strong possibility of 3 more days in the suitcases, but made plans to stay at a friend’s place in Navi Mumbai as urban camping was really starting to wear thin on all of us, Ishita being the first to protest about it the minute the inflatable mats got air in them.
On the 12th, we headed to the airport after 3 nights of uncomfortable sleep, but at least that part of the routine we knew, checking jasmine as excess luggage, killing time in the airport, catching a pet friendly cab service in Mumbai, been there done that and got the t-shirt! This time however we arrived to the airport a bit later, on an empty stomach, and since flying Jet Lite had to eat before boarding to avoid being charged a ridiculous amount for a meal on board. DH argued we had little time as we finally got through security about 40 minutes before take off time, and I told him that it would take about 10 minutes to buy food, and swallow it down anyway. So we sat down, ate, and to prove me right, boarding started a bit late.
We reached Mumbai under a “light” rain, and the humidity took us as soon as we stepped of the plane. And since we didn’t get any word from the packers and movers we told the flat owner in the morning we wouldn’t be coming on Friday itself to our new home, and told the cab driver to head for the NRI complex in Navi Mumbai (and I swore 6 months back not to set a foot in that place ever again….right!), It’s while stuck in traffic, that DH’s phone rang at around 3.30pm with the packers and movers announcing proudly that they would make it to Mumbai by 9am on Saturday. And of course Dh tried right away to get the key for our new place from the owner, who informed us rightly that it was a bit late in the day to change our mind, and that no he could at the most come by 11am the next morning, so off to navi Mumbai we continue heading, not really happy about how we got informed about the whereabouts of our belongings so late in the day, as our friend in Navi Mumbai isn’t hot about dogs and miss Jasmine had to be checked into a kennel for at least 1 day. Then to add to our misery, it started pouring down cats and dogs on the last stretch of our cab right, Ishita got really tired of the whole transit business and became whiny, and the kennel  announced they would not take jasmine until 7-8pm! If the packers and movers did warn us a bit earlier we would be in our own place, problem solved, but nope, no chance!
Driving through Vashi I started feeling the same gloom feeling of claustrophobia that haunted me for 7 months, remembering why I hated it so much, and seeing the NRI complex again didn’t feel good at all, unlike other places there was no nostalgia there, not even I microgram of it, the positive is that at least our sentence would be short as we would be in a cab by the next morning. In our friend’s place which we had for ourselves, DH tied jasmine in the hallway to minimise trouble, while we got to wait for the kennel to accept her, and I attended to Ishi’s crankiness while trying to suppress my own, the prospect of spending one more night in my icky jammies in a icky humid place generally doesn’t do any good lifting your mood, especially when you are tired, temporarily without a home, and tired to subside on take out food and maggi noodles (the part Ishita actually found exiting). It’s pretty much dead beat that I crashed on a too hard mattress that night, trying to comfort Ishita who once again didn’t like the sudden change in sleeping arrangement and fussed for ages, draining whatever patience was miraculously left in me in the process.
I was up at 7am the next morning dragged out of bed by my daughter who simply had it with sleep and the hard bed and tried to wait as patiently as possible for our departure at 9 am-ish via taxi. Took the wise decision to purchase a few drinking water bottle for our new place and some crackers we called breakfast, and by 9.30 we were packed and loading our stuff in a taxi, who put all our giant suitcases on the roof of the car, but without a plastic cover, DH questioned it, and pointed out the obvious: “It might rain” for the guy to assure us that most certainly it will not rain at all today, on other circumstances I would have welcomed the optimism, but with the sky being grey as slate during the monsoon season, in Mumbai, you can’t just make statements like that one without jinxing yourself big time, so I just slide into the back seat and start praying that our guy would be right, as our suitcases aren’t super waterproof and a downpour in the like of the one that showered us the day before would leave our stuff soaked and possibly some delicate stuff ruined.
And sure as hell, we didn’t even made it to the Vashi toll bridge that it was raining buckets, and to add to the problem, a truck was reported to have spilled over on the road creating a huge traffic jam, forcing our driver to take a detour and DH to finally complain about the luggage, and our driver to angrily remove them from the roof and jam them all on the back seat leaving me and Ishita 2 feet of space between the pile of suitcases and the window…all this because the LPG power car had the tank installed in the boot!
After God knows how much time we finally make it to our own place, 10 minutes before the landlord, and entered our quarters about 5 minutes before the packers and movers started dumping boxes. Yes I saw my new home empty for just 5 minutes and had to make on the spot decisions about what should go where! I never did go into a new home that blind in my life, but I am proud to announce I pulled it off nice enough. 2 hours in the new home we hired a maid, who dropped by again at 5 to ask if we needed any help, and since all we wanted were for the boxes to be gone and she promised to take them the next day, she helped us unpack the kitchen  stuff instead, a smart move considering we hired her to cook food as well, she might as well be there to see which stuff went were immediately.
By 7pm we at least had our clothes put in wardrobes, and the kitchen ready, at the exception of our gas stove who somehow refused to work with the piped gas system, which was no big deal in the immediate present as we anyway had no food in the house, maggi noodles, instant soup and crackers aside, and being just sick with the idea of seeing yet another plate of ramen noodle Dh decided to hunt for a restaurant doing take out and brought back some chicken and some beer and we feasted in our not quite yet settled home while Ishi crashed down on our bed, pretty happy to get her favourite mattress texture back after 5 days.

The rest of the unpacking went quickly the next day, we located a grocery store, got a few basics, and while DH went back to work on the 16th, I waited for stuff such as the wall shelves to be hung, and the satellite TV to be hooked up, doing too many batches of laundry and spending any free time snoozing, feeling the effect of sleep deprivation and stress, and quite true to myself I got a post move cold, complete with sniffle and fever.
A week later I still need more sleep, but I’m feeling better, my brain is starting to think about possible blog entry more coherently and I can function again without overusing post it notes and my little black book.
What’s more I actually like the place, climate set aside I don’t feel bad here, and despite the complex being a bit more close built that the phase 2 of the NRI complex in Navi Mumbai, I don’t feel nearly as claustrophobic as I used to back there. Of course over a year later, I still miss the first flat we left in Bangalore, despite being 600 sq ft, DH and I still agree it was our best ever and still remember our terrace, the parties with friends, and the chilly winter nights spent there, but in that past year so much happened so fast, we are really now longing for a break, so we can settle and appreciate what we have and hopefully 5-6 years from now look back at now with fond memories.

Now it is safe to say we are starting to sound like old people, and I actually like it…a lot!

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