Interesting bug

6:15 PM

I was coming back from the playground, and down the stairs that lead to the park when I almost stepped on this:


And fortunately I had my phone so I snapped a picture, and then back home decided to look online to identify my huge caterpillar, and huge it was, about the length and diameter of my forefinger, I kid you not. And once you pass the gross factor (eeek I almost stepped on that!) I must admit it is kind of cute despite the size.
So I Googled “green caterpillar identification India” and it didn’t take me long to find my big guy, to all interested, this is an Oleander Hawk Moth Caterpillar, it likes to eat leaf from big fragrant flower plants, and sure enough it was near to a flower bed having all kind of flower plants, and it eventually turn into one of the biggest, most intricately patterned moth on Earth if I believe the info I found on that big bug.
I had no idea one could find that type of caterpillar in the middle of a city in India, that too in an apartment complex super landscaped green space.


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