What women want

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When I am tensed, overworked, and flat out stressed out what I like to do is get away from it all for one hour or two, back in Geneva that meant slipping in my running shoes and go for a walk in the country side which was just a short distance away, or hop on my bicycle and go even further away. no distraction, no crowd, nobody to give me hell, just me the wind, the sound from the stream, and the chirping birds, inevitably my walk would be energetic and sometimes furious depending of the level of frustration I had to flush, and tapper to a smooth casual stroll by the time I was done rearranging my problems and solve my existential crisis.
And I was thinking about just that yesterday night after a taxing day at home and writing it down in my diary, and then later while in bed the movie “What women want” and the Nike ad came back to my mind. If you haven’t seen it,or need your memory refreshed, you can watch it here

One thing lead to another, and I started thinking how difficult to walk in India, and even more when you are a woman depending where you live. In Bangalore I used to walk as much as I could, and back before all the moving mayhem of the past year when we were living in the house we should maybe have never left, I was living about 3 kilometres from the Forum Mall, and when DH was away on assignment,I just didn’t mind walking all the way there, there were some crappy stretch on that road,but still enough trees to shade me to make up for it, and even in the hottest month of the year the walk is still possible without melting down to a puddle. Was it pleasant? not as much as I would, my stress busting walks are just me and the road, or trail or path, you don’t get that here. Apart from the obvious noise, traffic, crowd and pollution, as a woman, you have to bear with stares, mostly from men, and eve teasing, coming from moronic, brainless A-hole class younger class less chromosome XY, and while I never experienced more than sickening cat calls, whistling and howling I know some women went through more.
We indeed do not want to be judged, we want the right to just go for a run or walk without having to justify it, we want our alone time, we don’t want a guy with the brain of teenage retard to run behind and say “Nice Ass” thinking his joke is funny and making you feel you should have not bothered wearing sportswear to work out, we want to not have to earn the right to be ourselves once in a while.
When a man comes back from work, change into his favourite workout gear no one goes on telling him he should wear something more “appropriate”, no one accuse him of slacking in his manly duties, after all it seems to be commonly accepted that because he is bringing the pay check it entitles him to the privilege of not having to explain himself about how much time he spend on his pass times. He also won’t have to suffer from comments from his manly peers or hear too many sexually misplaced comments from the ladies.
Then why oh why is it so that women are told to put everybody else before themselves, and then told that walking outside after dark is unsafe, that you just can’t wear that anyway and expected to grin and bear all?
Women just want to be respected for who they are, not what society wants them to be. And pretty much like that ad says, it seems that the only one respecting that is the road under our feet.
And as for me, I’m yet to find one place where I get to walk freely in this country, and I bet I’m far from being alone in that case.


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