Happy Diwali and good to be back

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This year we spend Diwali in Lucknow with DH’s parents after a long time not seeing them, the last time we visited them was for a few days in January 2010, and the last Diwali spent there was in 2007.
We left on the 19th and stayed 2 days in Delhi with my BIL before taking the night train to Lucknow on the 21st and stay with the family until the 27th.
I would have loved to say the trip was uneventful, but we had a few glitches. While Ishita was fine in Delhi she decided to greet her grand parents with a sudden high fever barely two hours after our arrival, drama, over-reaction, and worries followed for the next 2 days and a half, at which point she had a big diarrhoea, and all went well from there. My MIL managed to stay polite 3 days, and switched to vicious leading me to ignore her, on Diwali morning I slipped in the stairs and hurt my ankle a little, thankfully nothing too serious, and on the 27th we were all down with various degree of sore throat and my MIL was pinned in bed with the same high fever Ishita had when we first arrived.

All in all it was still a nice trip, but as usual, DH and I get bored of Lucknow after a few days, as his family doesn’t go out much. We visited a few relatives, and Ishita who is a bit shy and was after all sick just about had enough of it all on Tuesday, the rest her stay was spent in whine and fuss mode, with a bunch of relative really and clearly not getting the message she was trying to get out: Stop poking and teasing me and leave me alone. Indians have one big soft spot for kiddos, especially family kids, and they just wanted to tickle her, pinch her cheeks and carry her, while she just clang to me dearly slapping them away. Alas a toddler shooing and slapping grown p away is “Aw sho shweeeeeeeet” and triggers more poking and probing and patting and teasing and tickling. I tried diplomatically to explain she was shy,sick and really it would be best to leave her alone, not everybody got the message. And by the morning of the 27th she was in full tantrum mode all the while until we hopped in the cab for the airport at 4.30pm, at which point she slowly started feeling her old self again.

During that trip I got to meet one fellow blogger who lives in Lucknow at the moment and it was nice to finally meet each other, we are hoping to be able to get together again. You can read her blog here.

And here is my contribution to Diwali, the last time I went I made a flower rangoli, but this time we didn’t plan things ahead so I just painted one with regular poster paint, and we got to re-use the same old fancy diya stand we bought the last time :


Here are the things we learnt from our trip and some of these lesson might become specific blog entries later:

- 10 days away with a 2 years old is far more challenging than 17 with a 5 year old, thanks heaven for laptops and downloaded favourite cartoons!

- Having a sick child when visiting in a desi joint family is not something I want to repeat…EVER!

- My MIL will always be my MIL and behave as such…we’ll leave it at that.

- Diwali will always be Diwali and fun

- Indigo might be a low-cost airline but boy it’s far better than any of the other so called premium domestic airlines in the country.

And last but not least:



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