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Juhu Beach, the sequel

11:43 AM


Around exactly a year ago, I went to that beach with my mom and let Ishita have her first beach experience. Back then it was filthy, there was more plastic rubbish in the sand than there was seashells and the water was nasty shade of brown.

Now that we are back in Mumbai and living closer to Juhu beach than we used to last year, we decided to go there on Saturday morning for a stroll and then some coffee.
The verdict: Juhu Beach is still dirtier than Aksa Beach in Malad, but far cleaner than the Juhu beach I visited last year, when we arrived at 9am the clean up truck was there collecting a huge amount of plastic plates and cups left from the previous night’s visitors, since despite having a big chaat corner there is very few dustbins, the amount of garbage they were collecting was impressive and disgusting but at least it was getting cleared. The time I went with my mom last year we went around 5pm, the collecting truck and garbage collector were there, but they were extremely selective in what they picked up : Glass bottles, plastic bottles and coconut shells were trash, plastic plates, bags, and food wrapper were left behind to be swallowed by the next high tide…so all I can say is that there is a change in the approach to cleaning the space, a strong positive change.
Another thing noticed this time around that wasn’t there the last time were banners calling for a cleaner greener Mumbai and a clean drive campaign on the beach…again much welcome and a positive change, next step should be big dustbins near the chaat corner area and at regular interval all along the beach.

We were there at high tide, the water was still brown, but I didn’t notice a single plastic bag in the waves, a few bottle caps in the sand among the seashells, some odd bits such as an empty nail polish bottle, and lot of Puja pots and flowers, some probably from the Dussehra puja that took place just two days before our visit. A few half melted Ganesh idols were also getting licked by the waves remains of the Ganesh Festival. And that was about it.

Ishita didn’t enjoy the beach as much as the last time though, she was for some reason scared of the water refused to even dip a foot in it on her own, and screamed when DH tried to lower her to the ground, she was however happy to build sand castle in the comfort of the dryer portion of sand away from the waves.

All in all, Juhu beach 2011 is far cleaner than Juhu beach 2010 so let’s hope for an even nicer cleaner experience in the year to come.


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