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Setting the record straight with myself

6:31 PM

Recently I was writing upon my embarking on the 30 days shred program, I’m trying to be good about it and do it daily, but let’s face it the heat and humidity and lack of A/C in the living room often drains my energy. Mornings are never good to exercise as I’m a night owl and each and every time I tried doing hard core workout in the morning in the past I managed to get some injuries, I workout best in the evening.
Because of the intensity of this workout video, I found that doing it in good company (along with DH) works even better, if he does it then i do it, and vice versa, on days he gets late from office I push myself to go through it, and as I said I’m making good on that resolution on most days.

So why this post? If all was well and nice and perfect I wouldn’t need to set things straight with my toughest critic (me). Well to be frank it’s as much as a self praise as it is a self-lash. We are at level 2 of the 30 days shred, and I haven’t lost a pound, not ONE! Nada! However I’ve seen a lot lot more muscle definition, and a far better posture, so my guess is my weight might be plateauing because I’m building a nice muscle mass, that coupled that the overheated humidity of a typical October day in Mumbai probably leads to more fluid intake and water retention.
Yet I’m not fully satisfied, believe it or not, I might actually be fitter than I thought I was, because I actually breeze through the cardio in that video, sure I feel my heart rate going slightly up, but that is just slightly, meaning my body isn’t burning as much energy as I would like, until recently I was stuck with 2kg dumbbells and the workout was almost too easy, another good thing, it means I have a good muscle strength in my arms, but then again it means I’m not really working out, merely lifting comfy weights up and down, so DH went getting me 3kg weights yesterday, and for the first time I felt a difference, a significant one that let me to say “Hey that is more like it!” No pain, no feeling of dying as the first few days into the workout, but definitely some resistance, resistance I never felt, so hopefully from then onwards I should be able to burn more flab. I am annoyed at not having gone for heavier weights earlier, I spent probably the past 10 sessions breezing through a workout that was apparently to leave me shredded. By the end of the 27 minutes, I’m still standing, still energized, and if it weren’t for the heat, I could do more. DH sees it differently, he is often wiped out before the end of the workout. |

Yes my body has the ability to do much much more than 20 minutes a day, the heat however sap my motivation, nipped in the bud. And that frustrate me, I’m also quite frustrated at how ridiculously sedentary I have become since moving to India, half of it I can blame it on the fact walking on garbage roads, being eve teased and inhaling pollution isn’t appealing, and with a toddler even less pleasurable in these circumstances, but that is only half the issue, the other part of me is just a lazy bum, I jumped off the active wagon the first chance I had years ago fearing stares, hating the landscape, feeling observed and judged. But as a previously active lady suddenly deprived of a physical outlet for her pent up energy, I ended up filling the hours with TV, computer and food…the deadliest combination, it was there all along, I ignored it, I let it grow and nurtured it to the point of actually spending a fair portion of my day on my butt, while writing my blog is a good creative activity, the years I spent growing virtual vegetables in Facebook, or earning “money” in games to buy virtual pieces of dream furniture to fill a dream house…discussable, HIGHLY discussable. Playing computer games, is fun, it’s relaxing, but I’m telling you there have been times in the past where it became obsessive, and while I play less, I still find myself sitting in front of my netbook, I’ve been seriously questioning my sanity in the past few months, and even more in the past few weeks of found again enjoyment at being on my feet and moving.
So I’m breaking the habit, the computer habit that is, the plan is to limit feeding, grooming, and dressing pixels (who in some games need to spend more time on the commode than the real me) to a minimum, playing 20 minutes or so of these games is fine, checking Facebook and games more than that…not good. This morning I filled a solid 15 minutes doing strength exercise with my new dumbbells and loved it, time to just fill the free minutes of my busy mom days with more engaging activities, as “fun” harvesting virtual berries it’s not constructive, doesn’t do anything for my mind they way a jigsaw puzzle would, and at the exception of my right forefinger, no other body part is active.

Back in my youthful days I used to like swimming, hiking, walking, cycling, and roller skating. Realistically, I admit doing these activities now might not possible, but just because they can difficultly done here is no reason for having substituted them with sedentary crap, I should have known better and found physical substitute. Shall I put it on the account of being young and naive and at least congratulate myself on gaining some wisdom before it is too late?

All fresh of my newfound epiphany I decided to write this entry to publicly come out of the closet with my crappy habits, now that they are down in words on a public blog, I have the obligation to make good on my promises to do more with my free minutes a day.


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