Countdown to Christmas

3:51 PM

that time of the year is coming soon, and like I did last year, I carried the advent calendar tradition into this year again, last year I made a mural one and it looked like this.
This year I put a bit more planning and effort into it and came up with this:


The entire thing is made of old toilet paper and kitchen tissue cardboard rolls that I painted green and sealed on both side with paper trapping chocolate and trinkets inside each rolls.
What I didn’t realise however is that not all brands of TP have the same diameter when it comes to the cardboard roll, so if you plan to do this one, you need to plan accordingly and stick to one brand, the other challenge is finding trinkets that will fit into the roll, my daughter not being into hair clips and accessories and being too young for stickers, I stuck to chocolates and small plastic fish toys, and found a Dora necklace and bracelet set as well.

Now for those not familiar with the concept, advent calendars or countdown calendars as they are called are typical Swiss and German tradition, some are just pictures with doors you open which reveal a chocolate or a picture for each days leading to Christmas, but it is quite common to do a bigger one for small children with little gifts for each days of December leading to the big day. As a kid my mom used to make one every year for each my sister and I, she would put a lot of time and effort into handcrafting the whole thing, and yup one of the first one I remember as a kid was the toilet paper roll tree, the very same I made this year.
Christmas is one of my culture’s big festival, and now that I have a child I want her to get to experience it the way I did myself. Last year she enjoyed her calendar often asking to open two gifts in a day and I think I’ll face the same thing this year as well, I remember growing up that my sister and I would look at ours and anticipate opening the little presents day after day wondering what the day would bring, we would sometimes toy with the idea of opening a corner of one of the presents to peek, I think we might have done it once or twice, we also used to get a picture calendar an inevitably we would peek under the other doors to see what was coming only to just have the excitement of opening it on the right day being taken away by our cheating.

So anyway, we are reaching the last day of the month, and I’m going slowly into Holiday mode. With plans of decorations, tree, and baking.

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