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8:16 PM

Sorry for a week without update, I was enjoying the much much anticipated visit from my cousin from Switzerland who came to visit us along with her hubby and 3 years old daughter.

The week started with a greeting present from my daughter who clearly missed the memo on “Good protocol to welcome relatives in the house” as my cousin reached in the night of Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th and after a short night decided it was appropriate to just throw up her guts and retain no fluids, which had us abort plans of going out for dinner, and drive to the ER at 5pm as she was looking quite dull and still couldn’t hold a sip of water in.
The medicines did work their wonder in just a few hours and on Monday she  was all business as usual, high in energy and eating everything in sight without even as much as a gassy burp, so we decided to get some shopping out of the way and head to the Mall late in the afternoon and by the evening my cousin announced that she was feeling a bit sick and went to lie down only to rush to the bathroom a while later, she thought nothing of it, thinking it was the heat as she had been feeling quite hot and forgot to drink enough fluids.
The rest of us enjoyed a pleasant evening, but that was soon to end, my cousin did pay several more visits to the porcelain goddess, and was soon followed by her daughter at 2am, and I woke up myself at 2.30 to just do a donation to the sacred vessel on my own, followed by two encores later in the night and a final performance right after I woke up to make my daughter’s bottle.
Tuesday was known as gastro central as it became clear that we all ended up getting the bug my daughter got on Sunday (see I told you she had a nice welcome gifts for her family), the only two still standing were DH and my cousin’s husband who witnessed us just oozing around with no energy, my cousin’s daughter being a vomit-o-fountain the whole morning. By the evening we were all finally fine, and rested and proud to have retained our meagre meal of bland crackers and white rice when my cousin’s husband announced that his stomach was unwell, and went to the bathroom gripped by a mega bout of loose motion (I know gross details, but seriously who welcome guests into a home with gastro bugs…special thanks to Ishita on this one).
Fortunately for him everything went down nothing came up, and the next day he was pretty much like all of us, energised, happy, and well rested, so we started doing the touristy things we had in mind, and the rest of the week was a blast.
We celebrated our good health by washing all the yucky things we soiled the day before in one batch of laundry and threw all of the girl’s bottles and sippy cup straws in the sterilizer to make sure the nasty germs were getting killed. But the last victim of our nasty plague was my maid who 2 days later announced she was sick to her stomach and couldn’t come, if I didn’t know better I would call my daughter a chemical weapon of mass destruction

We took our brush with the nasty gastro bug with humour, and even admitted it was better to be sick with it at the start of their stay, in our home rather than somewhere in Goa or Pune where they were heading next, we had the comfort of a home, comfort food, and in case of emergencies knew where to go (they didn’t happen).

I of course have a few post to come regarding details of our week. All in all I am back in the blogosphere.


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