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I’m a water person, I grew up in a city on the shore of the biggest lake in Switzerland, I have a dad who is a sailing fanatic, so most of the sunny weekends in Spring and Summer were spent on our sailboat, and we even used to go for a month almost every Summer until I turned 12 sailing on the Mediterranean sea.
I learned to swim at an early age, and as a teen I was heavily into Synchronized Swimming.
I love water, and I usually thrive by it or in it, and it comes as no surprise that my parents used to tease me saying I was half fish.

Now the only thing I don’t like about Bangalore is the fact it isn’t near any major water body, and no Ulsoor lake doesn’t qualify as a lake, it’s merely a big pond. When we were living in Chennai we used to live a bit far from the shore, but the beach option was there and I loved it.
In Mumbai, well it comes as no surprise that the thing I love the most is the fact it is right smack by the sea, and if you want to really be exact surrounded by it as Mumbai was in fact a bunch of Islands.
Even in Navi Mumbai where we were living last year, with all the negative and crap I put up with, my favourite thing about the flat we were staying in in the NRI complex was that I could see the sea. Seeing was all we could do, there is no direct access to the sea there, but we got ourselves to Mumbai a couple of time and I actually felt alive just inhaling the marine air (dirty and polluted as it is).
Now we live in a suburb that is reasonably central and not too far from the sea, so a trip to Juhu or Bandra isn’t an expedition, and I’ve been able to take my cousin there as well. But what felt like utter bliss was our outing to Elephanta Island last Saturday.

To go to that island, you need to take a boat from the Gate of India and the ride last nearly an hour. One full hour of taking in the cool breeze and gliding on the sea, you can imagine how I felt! I was in familiar territory, I know boats, I’ve been on boats practically my whole life, I know what to expect there, I know what tankers look like, I know what a commercial harbour looks like, and as ugly as it might be, I know how it is and that felt good being around it again. the sound of water was a symphony to my ears, and I think the only thing that surprised me about this trip was how smooth the sea was, I was expecting a few tiny waves, but it was as peaceful as a lake.
DH however wasn’t too hot, let’s put is plain, he was reluctant to even consider coming when my cousin and I made the plan. he is terrified of water, and boats, and confessed that about 25 years ago he and his family took a boat trip to that very Island, and while coming back to Mumbai and while coming off the boat he slipped and nearly fell in the water and he got scared of it forever.
We all assured him it was safe and we would all be there to help, and he agreed to come, and once on board enjoyed almost as much as I did, he liked the Island visit a bit more though, he is pretty much a solid ground person, enjoying the earth as much as I love the water. And to those thinking it might have something to do with our astrological signs, well it could hold true for me being a water sign, but DH is an Air sign, and hates flying with passion, so there isn’t much to seek there as far as explanation for our characters go.
A more rational theory being that I grew up in a very watery environment, and DH  did not, in many way his family is the opposite of mine where upbringing is concerned. But could there be something in our genes? Did I get a water/sea gene that DH did not? Because our daughter is pretty much half fish herself, she loves the water, she goes gaga seeing the sea, and here is how she spent most of the boat ride in question:



And that is after we told her to stay on her seat, because she was all for roaming the boat and go peek near the entry gate, or trying to lean over the banister. She started pointing at the sea madly the minute we got out of the car. A scenario that is routine each time we reach the shore, earlier in the week she intrepidly walked ahead of me ready to tackle the rocks in the Bandra fort to just get to the sea, on the band stand promenade she did the same and it seemed that even as we got nearer to it we weren’t nearly near enough for her. Usually when we head to Juhu or any other beach she runs for the sea too. Clearly she took something from me there, With her physically looking like a mini Xerox of DH, it’s comforting to see she has some of my personality traits in her.

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