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A new Painting

12:06 PM


A few weeks after we moved into our new place I bought a big blank canvas to start another painting as there was one big wall behind the dinning table that was utterly depressing complete with cracks in the wall putty. After so many moves in such a short time, I feel the urge to claim my space as MINE and things such as boring white walls, or ugly cheap paint job can’t scream rental any louder than that.
This time I stirred clear of the landscape inspiration as I explained in my other painting post that I’m not that good at it.
This time I wanted to do a bright little patchwork painting, each square has been individually painted, and given a unique little pattern, then I painted a big drawing in every alternate squares and finally lined the squares with a dark colour to give some unity, the drawings in some of the square have been made using metallic finish paints and 3D liner paint.

What took the longest was painting the pattern in each tile, but because I broke the whole canvas into small areas I could get at it anytime I wanted or was free to do so and do as little as one square at a time which was a bit more gratifying considering I’m not a patient lady who will like to spend 3-4 hours trying to get the shading on something bigger right.
This one would actually look pretty dramatic with a big rustic looking wooden frame, if I ever see a place that does framing I like I might actually consider it.
The other painting which I was on fence about in my old flat does indeed look much better on a white wall and is currently sitting above my sofa in the living room, it’s still not my best work, but it does look nice enough there, I’ll have to take pictures of my living and dinning area one day. I also have frames I painted myself a while back in this room that would fit the art and craft category.


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