In a festive frenzy

11:29 AM


it’s that time of the year again, Christmas is coming with it’s glitz, lights, parties and food, and that is what has kept me busy.
I spent a solid amount of time baking cookies that seem to vanish from the cookie jar faster than the time it actually takes me to make refills, I’ve planned our festive menu (simple one though because it is just us, and I don’t want to be pooped out comes the evening), the gifts are wrapped.
As I am writing these lines my daughter is having her first Christmas party of the year in school, tomorrow we are heading to a friends place for another party, and on the 25th we are feasting at home.
My Christmas tree has been suffering a little abuse this year as it had to be on the ground and Ishita simply couldn’t get enough of the decorations, but it is still standing.
I found a beautiful poinsettia just yesterday to add some more festive cheer to my living room:


DH is worst than a kid desperately wanting to open his presents, and for some reasons I’ve been into doing totally un-Christmas craft projects with more lining up, I attribute it to the nice and mildly cool climate we are now living, Winter being the only season in Mumbai I can call pleasant. 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, as I am not sure I’ll get blogging before Monday. 


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