A twist on aloo methi

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Winter is undeniably the season of leafy green vegetables in India, and while I’m really not a fan of spinach (I hate it, hate the taste, hate the smell and I gag every time I give it a try or a whiff), I like methi (fenugreek) leaves a lot.
Now the traditional desi way of cooking it is to briefly stir the leaves in a hot kadai containing a little oil along with some onions and garlic and throw boiled potatoes to the mix to counteract the bitterness of the leaves. And personally I can eat it without any potato addition because what I love about it is the sour bitter taste. But, to get the right balance it needs not to be overcooked otherwise the bitterness become indeed overpowering. DH isn’t much of a fan, and he needs a lot of potato added to very little methi to enjoy it, my daughter still being in her green is evil boycott trip won’t touch it, and my maid doesn’t know how to cook it without the potato  or without overcooking the leaves.

What I learned from one of the other kids mom in Ishita’s school is that apparently in traditional maharati cuisine it isn’t unusual for people to use methi leaves raw in salads, adding any choice of other salad veggies to the mix and lightly sprinkling it with lemon juice, and even use a little oil to bind the taste. The mother in question also told me she often just used olive oil and a little vinegar as they found out in her family that it tasted better…Now that was something I HAD to try.

So yesterday, I came up with this :

A potato salad with red onion and methi leaves, seasoned in paprika, cumin powder olive oil and rice vinegar.
The result was a yummy subtle flavoured dish, the uncooked leaves are actually much sweeter with only a hint of the bitter taste so many hate about it and it makes for a lighter side dish or salad lunch.
My daughter still refused to touch it because it has been contaminated by something green, but I ate almost the whole thing. DH will have to taste that the next time I make it, because it is something I am sure to fix again and again.

Here is my recipe for it:

2-3 medium to big potatoes, boiled, peeled , cooled and cut into chunks
1-2 handfuls of fresh fenugreek leaves
1 medium red onion, sliced
paprika, cumin powder to taste
2-3 table spoons olive oil (enough to coat the potato chunks)
A drizzle of rice vinegar

1) Put the potato chinks in a salad bowl, and pour olive oil on top of them and stir to coat the chunks so that they become non sticky, then sprinkle paprika and cumin seed powder on top and stir again

2) crumble the onion slice on top to separate the onion layers and sprinkle with the fenugreek leaves, drizzle with rice vinegar just before serving.

The potatoes need to be cool before tossing the leaves on top, otherwise the heat from the potatoes will cook the methi leaves and spoil the fresh taste, this is after all a salad.

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