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Fishes at my feet

12:08 PM

Fish Pedicure! That is something I first heard of a few years back when an upscale spa in Bangalore started offering that service, articles in newspapers talked about that tiny teeth less Turkish fish that eats dead skin.
My curiosity was pricked, but the service was not only a bit far from my place, it was also costly, I don’t remember the exact figure, but definitely too much for the 10-15 minutes of watching a school of fish go at my calluses.
Last year for the first time, I saw them into action at the Inorbit Mall in Navi Mumbai, in a city where the only entertainment was the mall, and new attractions in said mall in high demand, the said fish tank station seemed to always have too many feet in them, so I didn’t even enquired about it, and before we knew it we were back in Bangalore, which still had only the service offered at select spas.

Back in Mumbai we went, and it seems these fish pools are just about everywhere, there is one at my neighbourhood’s beauty parlour, there is one in the complex where my local supermarket is, there is one at a nearby mall, and I’m sure quite a few spas and salons in my area must have them.
In fact since back in Mumbai I’ve noticed that a significant portion of the well off people living there must have a foot fetish of some kind, as not only you will find these fishes around, there are also a lot of foot spa, Thai foot spa, and hand and foot spa around. In a city where life goes fast and people spend a significant amount of their time running around I guess it could make sense.
The curiosity of ever trying offering my feet to “Dr Fish” as some want to call them came back, but I never acted on it until my mom came to visit, we passed one of these fish pedicure station in mini-mall/supermarket in my area, and she asked what it was all about, my daughter has been in love with that fish tank for a while because she loves watching them swim, so I explained the whole thing to her and she said this was one of the things she had to try while she was there, but we left it at that for the time being.
Three days later we were at a nearby big mall, and my daughter quite obviously went to go watch them as she knows where the tank was (she seems to have a fish radar in addition to the Doradar she came equipped with), and this time we decided to give it a try.

The lady washed our feet with antiseptic and we were told to dip the feet in the tank making sure not to have the feet touch the bottom so that the fishes could have access to all sides of our feet. Within a nanosecond of immersing them, I had half the tank attacking my feet, the sensation is ticklish, and had me laugh nervously, pass the first 2 minutes the experience starts feeling confortable enough though, and I looked at the fishes mesmerized, my daughter kept quite fascinated at the sight of the fishes kissing mama’s feet, and minutes after minutes I could really feel a relaxing soothing sensation in my feet, after 15 minutes, we were told to remove our feet from the tank, and the lady dried them, and gave us a nice lotion massage.
My feet felt so light, I even commented to my mom it was like walking on clouds, as for the dead skin, well to be fair they removed quite a bit, but I have chronically dry feet, and even they could not work wonder on my rough heels, but still enough for me to feel a difference.
I think more than the skin eating part, the fishes offer a soothing massage no other foot massager  can.

I might want to do it again, but the next time I’ll probably do it in my local beauty parlour, the idea of being in display of the entire mall while enjoying some relaxation was a bit odd to me.


  1. Interesting. I think I need to get it done because my feet are in awful condition. I might stop by the one in Haiko place next time I'm over that way!


  2. You'll love it, I say just the relaxing massage the fishes give you is worth it, I need to get it done again one of these days I could use the relaxation it brings.


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