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11:26 AM

And I am back from my hiatus, with a gigantic cold I’m still trying to get rid of but well back to blogging, a short post today, but more to come soon I promise.

You know you are in India when a conversation at the pharmacy could go like this:

Me: Hi, I need a pack of D-cold, a strip of crocin, a bottle of Otrivin nasal drop and do you have aspirin in this dosage for my mom? (mom behind me listening)

The pharmacist gather my medications, and use his calculator to total the amount and say:
- You are one run short of a century!
Me: Really? Just 99? Oh my! I’ll do better next time (I was a bit to cold foggy to come with a much witty “Will do better on my second inning)

The pharmacist tell the cashier who then smiles at me and say “So is it out or not out?”

Me : “Definitely out, that cold is killing me”
I pay and leave.

Now you know you have been in India long enough, or have been married to a cricket fanatic Indian husband long enough to get the joke, my poor mom who is not even a fluent English speaker asked what it was all about as she never heard prices quoted that way, I had to translate in French and giver her a cricket for dummies 101 so she could grasp the funny conversation I just had with my local chemist. I for myself find it hilarious and yes it did make my day, as back then my cold was starting to get to me (it got worse after that though).

You just can’t escape cricket when you live in India.


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