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4:06 PM

I’ve been down with a monumental cold for the past week, courtesy of DH who got the good sense of catching it first and been a gentleman passing it on to his wife, daughter and even mother in law.
I started with a sore throat I treated aggressively with paracetamol, and tulsi tea by the litre, despite my preventive measure I followed right after DH into the stuffy nose, bout of fever and heavy cough that had me, go for D-cold, cough syrup, fever reducers, and Vicks vapo rub (which for the first time ever I’ve been unable to smell).
It’s been a bit over a week now, and while most of the symptoms have gone away, that lingering cough is here to stay, and as far as cold remedies go, I tried decongestants that only decongested my wallet, paracetamol that just took care of my fever and body ache 9I never expected much more from it), Vicks vapo rub, that did absolutely nothing, cough syrup that only muted the mighty cough for an hour, strepsil that just tasted good but didn’t reduce the fire in my throat, Ricola a Swiss brand of herbal lozenge that used to work back home but set me a ridiculous 100 bucks for a box here and did nothing except bring back memories from my childhood (not that I can object to that side effect), steam inhalation, gargling which both soothed me for as long as it lasted making we want to just live in my steamy hot shower and never have to come out of it.
I tried the so called efficient and natural ways in the form of tulsi tea, ginger and lemon in hot water, and honey, none prevailed or offered me more than an hour or relief and none bought me a good night sleep.

Left alone by both allopathic medicine and Good Girl Home Remedies, I am now resorting to Naughty lady  ones: Brandy in hot water with a drop of honey and a pinch of pepper. And guess what? So far that is the one that works the best, granted my cold is a week old, but where all other failed, this one is giving me a few hours of relief at a time, and let me sleep peacefully a night.
While I would have no ounce of shame divulging my home made remedy to my friends and neighbours back home, I sure can’t just admit to the other mothers in Ishita’s school that I’m dealing with my sore throat and hacking cough by drowning my neurone in a hint of brandy, that of course would not be proper Indian lady behaviour now wouldn’t it?
And so today’s discussion went “Hi Cyn, how is your cold doing?” me “A bit better, but still hanging in there”, them "Yes this cold is just a nasty one, it’s been doing the round, and nothing works to get rid of it”, me feeling a bit smug at hearing that indeed tulsi doesn’t do the trick on that one “yes I tried it all, tulsi, Vicks, ginger, steam…nothing works”…If they knew!

The lesson learned with that nasty cold, is that next time I’ll skip the cough syrup and go for something that feels and taste a bit better at the default of not being socially acceptable…ha!


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