A year ago

12:52 PM

A year ago on this exact same day I was bidding Navi Mumbai goodbye and good riddance, as I crammed the last few stuff we had to cram in our car to drive down to Bangalore.
Yes last year on the 8th of February we had packers in movers boxing our stuff and us looking forward to just be back in a city we knew and loved, it made us go through the whole stress and motion of moving with more or less flying colours, and we were seeing that move as permanent, or at least long lasting. Little did we know when I turned back to glance at the NRI Seawood Estate complex thinking “Boy I’m glad I’ll never see you again rotten buildings” that 6 months later we would be not only back in the boxes, but also back to Mumbai, which is of course different than Navi Mumbai. And that the irony of it all was that the first night we spent in the city was at a friend’s place in…you got it the NRI Complex in Navi Mumbai, so much for never seeing that gloomy crappy place again.

The positive was of course that we knew we wouldn’t be living in that hole again and a better apartment awaited us in a better looking, more entertaining, more central suburb of Mumbai.
I just remembered today that we were in transit at the same time last year, but as much as I missed every minutes away from Bangalore when I was staying in Navi Mumbai, the feeling is gone here, I don’t mind where we live, in fact I quite like it, and I don’t think a year ago I would have been able to say that I actually enjoy living in Mumbai. No I do not really miss Bangalore much, but I still think of the tiny 600sq ft apartment that came with a huge rooftop terrace we left in 2010 before all the madness we’ve been through after that. As tiny as it was and as much as we were considering living the place so that Ishita could get enough space to grow, that one flat was the flat we stayed in the longest: 5 years! The flat in which we built the most memories, had the most fun. It came with everything you can hope to get in a city: centrally located, bright, airy, functional, and with enough personal outdoor space to get your own little “garden”, and to top it all it was reasonably priced. And a place all our friends liked coming to because of the lazy weekend evenings we had drinking and eating take out food at our patio table among the plants and taking in the cool breeze, or our New Year gathering shivering in the Bangalore winter cold still on the terrace watching the fireworks around us…Nostalgia when you hold us!

In hope that one day we will be able to afford a great place on our own, here in Mumbai or elsewhere, in the meantime, here’s to having made it almost 6 months in this new place and not having to plan a relocation right away. Maybe in time we’ll grow to miss this apartment we are in right now, all we need is to build memories in there remember fondly.


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