Happy Holi a day late

11:43 AM

I wanted to post this yesterday but didn’t find the energy to do so. I didn’t go play holi with colours because I’m sick with a pharyngitis and it would actually not be too wise to be soaked wet with a fever, I’m on the mend today though, so it was probably the wisest decision to just stay home an warm on Holi, especially since the weather here was odd for the season as well.
Ishita got to play with colours in school on the 7th and had fun, I sent her in old clothes with a water gun as requested by the school, and picked her up surprisingly dry and caked in pink powder, we then headed home where she saw I was working on a new painting and ran to my drawer and took out the plastic box with the paint and brushes as she wanted to get creative:

Fortunately I still had old pots of water soluble poster paint which I never use as I prefer acrylic (which I’ll never let my daughter play with as acrylic is water resistant once dry), she made me no less that 4 paintings before she got bored and I lead her to the shower to get the paint and the holi powder off her skin and hair.

Time to get  the girl her own pain, but it will be the watercolour type, much easier to clean and less messy to pain with, will wait a bit longer to get her her own set of poster paint, and even longer before she gets to paint like mommy with acrylic one.


  1. Hope you're feeling better now. Happy Holi - even if you didn't get soaked, you seem to have played with paint colours!

  2. Yup we played with colors :) I also did some painting on the 8th as well and Ishita went nut with her crayons :)

  3. Do you have any photos of your paintings on this blog?

  4. Not the one I am working on right now, they are still not completed, but soon, I have two other paintings I made in the past year under the label arts and crafts


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