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Cats don’t give birth to dogs, a saying that speaks volume to many, me included, on several occasion did I mention how my daughter is in many ways like me, and it is time to officially add another feather to that cap, as she is like her mama a creative spirit.
She showed it to us in the past on many occasion and even cost us a chunk of our last apartment’s deposit in wall repaint charges, and her love for crayons and paper hasn’t diminished one bit.  After celebrating holi in school she continued playing with colour at home, in the form of poster paint, which lead me to hunt around for some kiddie water colour (to all those who want to know Crayola is available in India and it’s very washable), she already almost finished a few colours on that paint kit and I managed to save a few that were really nice, this Saturday she saw a whole table of Crayola products in Crossword and wanted some, we took the very washable markers as she has enough paint and crayons, and we don’t have sidewalks to draw chalk on around here. She spent a fair chunk of yesterday and today scribbling away with her new markers, she even tattooed her papa with them, saying that she loves doodling is an understatement, and here are the just recent bouts of her creativity that are currently in display in our home:
The two top ones are water colour the bottom left is marker and the bottom right is crayon, as you can see she has her techniques sorted out, circle doodles, straight lines scribbles and blotches of paint. She is also extremely picky about colours, don’t try to suggest a random colour to her, she choose and mix and match carefully, she also calls the shot on when she decided one page is finished or not try to present her with some fresh paper when you think hers is full without her asking and she will push it away, and if she draws 2-3 lines on a paper and call it quits asking you for a new one you better have it, she is fairly clear about what she wants to achieve art-wise.
Here are the one gracing my fridge:
Only straight line, most of them horizontal and neon colours were good enough for that one!
Fire in the purple sky? I’ll let you be judge of that I saw her do it, and it was as all the other carefully planned and methodically scribbled.

And last but not least this one:

Green and yellow symphony.

Her school told me all along that she loved the painting activities, which is hardly surprising, but at the PT meeting they also told me that she isn’t very good at colouring in the line or following instructions as where to put the paint or as of what shape to draw…frankly I was even surprised they ask so much of a 2.5 years old! Ishita has good motor skills, her teachers even said they found her quite advanced in that matter, and yet they can’t understand that kids this young might not want or be able to draw circles, they chalked her lack of discipline to language barrier, I chalk it to her free artistic spirit. I spent an entire childhood beating my own drum in art class, and fortunately these classes were given by teachers who understood what artistic expression was and encouraged it. That lead me to take many art classes, start as an art major in high school and then drop out of said high school to be an interior decorator. Art runs in my blood, why expect Ishita to be that much different?
I know the Indian school system doesn’t particularly favour free expression and doesn’t do much to encourage kiddos to seek answers on their own. I selected her playschool carefully enough to avoid being trapped into a too academic one that early in her childhood, and yet it seems that even her school which put more accent on free thinking and creativity has a few concerns about 2.5 years old not colouring within the lines…darn!

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  1. To expect a 2.5 year old to color inside the lines is ridiculous. Yay for her creative artistic spirit. Art shouldn't be about copying something or being told to draw something. At that age her free spirit should shine. She's discovering color, line, shape all on her own. I think it's amazing what kids come up with sometimes. Love her drawings.

  2. I totally agree, expecting a 2.5 years old to draw certain shapes on command and colour between the line is totally ridiculous, but I'm starting to really see how performance and result driven the school system in India is first hand, the teachers think the parents want results in every development area any time, but no one seem to bother about things like child psychology and early childhood developpment.
    My mother has a degree in pedagogy and early childhood developpment, as she is a certified early childhood teacher, the course in Switzerland to teach to pre-school and kindergarten kids is 3 years, from what I came to know, here in India you take a 10 months Montessori course and you become a certified Montessory teacher. My mom said 10 month makes you touch the basis and theory of the method itself (she studied it) but that doesn't teach you one thing about pedagogy, how to teach to kiddos and how kids develop at a certain age...sigh!


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