Summer time

12:29 PM


It’s official the heat is back on in Mumbai, and the humidity is making a come back as well. we spent the past 3 nights needing the AC again and all my fans are at full speed again.  I refuse to switch on the AC unless I plan to sleep or nap, because I just refuse to become addicted to it to the extent of not being able to do without at all during the day.
Instead I switched to minimal cooking and fridge cold water to beat the heat, salads replaced the heavier meals from winter, fruits are my friends, and the ice cube compartment in my freezer is full. I went for a haircut to chop a solid 4 inches of hair to keep me from drowning in my own sweat, the shorts and capris made it back to the top of the pants pile in my wardrobe, and my outings are limited during the hot hours.

This weekend was actually the first weekend I got to hear what I call the “Sound of Summer”, this surreal silence that can transform any residential neighbourhood into a ghost town, you get to hear it on Sundays the most because that’s a day off for most and people just sleep the hot hours away. No car honking, no people playing outside, not work done on construction site, even birds keep it down during that time of the day, so much so that standing on your balcony and looking out you can begin to wonder if you aren’t looking at a life size still picture of your area. The sound of Summer makes you wonder if you haven’t gone deaf sometimes.
But by 4-5pm life comes back, people venture out again, and in our case on Saturday that meant driving all the way to Juhu beach to get some fresh air, dip our feet into the sea and get some chaat. An activity that judging by the crowd there is popular, but would you go somewhere else to cool yourself?



One of the things I like about Mumbai is that it is Island city (even it doesn’t look like so anymore), the city is surrounded by water, and even if the beaches are far and few, they are still there and are enjoyed by a fair chunk of the population. Thanks to a lot of continuing efforts put into it, Juhu beach is getting cleaner with every trip I make there which leads me to think there is hope after all.
Ishita loved the beach this time, and thanks to Dora the explorer learned the word “Ocean” and applied it to the sea in front of her…She dipped in the water, and got mesmerized by all the people, the balloons, the pinwheels, the rides, and the food. So much so that we got her a balloon and a pinwheel to take home, she tasted my dahi kachori and DH’s dahi puri, nibbled on a puri shell while DH and I got ourselves some pani puri and enjoyed a small glass of 7 UP. And back home at 8.30pm she crashed down for the night.

The pinwheel made it into my potted plants on the balcony (first picture) and gives my balcony a Summer feel. And Ishita decided that whenever we go to the car that means we should go to the ocean! She asked for it on Sunday when we were about to go to a less fun location as part of our weekly grocery shopping trip, even looked all sad and disappointed when I took her out of said car at the supermarket asking with a little voice “Ocean???” Awwwww


  1. My husband's mom and step dad live in Mumbai as well, though they live right on Juhu beach so they always have a pleasant sea breeze running through the flat. One thing I've noticed about Mumbai that's different from Delhi is that you don't really need to turn the air conditioning on until it starts raining and getting crazy humid.
    The highs today for Delhi/NCR is somewhere around 38C of dry heat. I've turned on the AC at work but I can hear co-workers grumbling about how it's 'too soon' to have it on. We've started turning on the AC at home--pretty much at all times. Kudos to you for being able to do without it. Must have been quite an adjustment coming from Switzerland!

  2. Actually the first time we ever got AC at home is since last August as it is already there in the flat we rent, so we spent nearly 8 years without before that moment, granted most of it was in Bangalore and you don't need AC there, we did live in Chennai for 6 months without it, 2 months in April may in Mumbai in 2004 without it, and from July 2010 until February 2011 in Navi Mumbai still without it.
    Right now I just switch it on at night to sleep, because I am a light sleeper who gets frequent bouts of insomnia and it is starting to be slightly more humid than in the winter now, enough to make me sweat and loose sleep.
    During the monsoon it gets humid but much cooler than in Summer in Mumbai so I don't need the AC then, the worst of the worst humidity wise is October November once the monsoon has left and the sun gets the humidity in the ground to evaporate.

    And must I say WOW for living right on the sea front in Juhu! I wish we could afford it, but I don't see that happening anytime soon...sigh!

  3. It's already sticky humid here and I've been turning on the AC at night just so we can sleep. The fan stirred up too much dirt from the air and made us both sick or I might could have managed with that. I only use it to sleep though.

  4. We need both the fan and AC at night, I am hoping that once we get the AC serviced and the filter cleaned though we will be able to keep the fan to a lower speed, but then keeping both fan and AC up means we can keeping the temp onthe AC higher and save a little on our power bill as well.


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