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The weird TV shunner

4:51 PM

I’ve never been a huge fan of TV, ever! I watch a few select shows now and then, used to watch a movie sometimes if I had the patience to wait until 9pm and only after consulting the TV programme in the Newspaper, and more often than not end up or doing something on the computer, or reading a book in bed.
In fact back in the days in Switzerland when I moved out of the family home into a tiny 26 square meter studio apartment I never bought a TV, or subscribed to the cable, the place was so tiny that it was or the computer, or the TV, and the computer offered me more options, including a DVD player which allowed me to watch exactly what I wanted to watch, when I wanted to and without any commercial breaks.
The first time I got a TV outside of my parents home was after moving to India, and even then I wasn’t that interested in it as such.
My friends back home all thought I was weird, and that a life without TV must be super boring,. They never quite got my book fetish, my internet geekiness, my creative strike and my love for the outdoor on weekends. Not having a TV in Switzerland apparently was puzzling enough, almost a crime according to some. How could one live not live without knowing who got kicked out of the Loft in the French version of Big Brother…darn I might as well be from another planet it seems.
Truth be told I didn’t care, I just felt blessed to be spared annoying reality TV shows, crappy serials, and badly dubbed movies. beside you get so much more time to devote to other things when you aren’t glued to the tube.

I never thought my not liking TV much would be seen as weird here in India, I mean I have a busy day, a daughter to take care of, and frankly too many hobbies to even care, I used to watch it when bored in the pre-Ishita days, now I just look forward to a few hours of undisturbed peace, and a TV show interrupted every 10 minutes by over 5 minutes of commercial is annoying enough, not to mention the crazy censorship we have these days. Nope I can’t bring myself to find the patience to sit on a sofa to watch a show.
So imagine my surprise at the playground today, when several moms who have kids in schools in the complex started talking and one said something about how she went to Film City this weekend and then asked me “Have you ever been there” and me to say “No I haven’t, how is it” and her to be shocked explaining that it’s the “Place where all Hindi movies and serials are made” , which of course I know about. And her to add “Don’t you watch TV?” and me to say “No not really” and to be told I should at least watch a few serials a week so I get to learn the language…darn! I diplomatically said I just don’t have the patience, the truth is I find most Hindi serials annoying, even more so than English ones, it’s full of drama, tears and MIL insulting their DILs and vice versa. The lady still couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact I don’t watch TV much. Me to explain I have other hobbies such as painting just to name one to even want to play couch potato during the two hours Ishita won’t ask me to put a Dora the Explorer DVD. I told her the TV is on playing cartoons DVD a solid portion of the day, and that when I can have it off I’m actually happy, and that no I don’t need background noise from it. After all I have a iPod and a docking station to provide music I like instead of endless repeat commercials that will lead me to believe that even my underarms need the help of a fairness deodorant to be pretty or that only this or that shampoo will give me supermodel hair…no thanks, give me some soothing relaxation music any time!

But yet again it seems my refusal to bow to my idiot box is seen as an oddity. In fact make it even more odd, I still own a cathodic tube TV, you know the big boxy heavy thing? I guess that would be enough to send me to the rank of TV set pariah in today’s world obsessed with flat screens, which should at least be a LCD HD but better be a LED to really fit in or one of these so called smart TV…dumb me for not seeing what is exactly smart about them in the first place! And why do one need HD to watch a reality TV show anyway? A good movie on DVD yeah I can see the point, but a regular TV show?

Yes after all these years, I still can live and be happy without an idiot box around, a life without reading material, be a book, a magazine or even something in e-format like a blog…now that would be awful!


  1. Lol. Before moving to India I hadn't seen a single TV program in over 2 years. After moving here the TV Rohit had was so horrible I chose not to watch it and could barely stand to be in the room with it while he watched. I bought him a new TV for his birthday just to get rid of it. Now I do use the TV for background noise a lot and I watch it more often but that's because it has become my only source of escape from this place. I think my family would be concerned if they knew how much TV I'm watching now. I think the US is like Switzerland in that everyone owns and watches TV quite a bit. You are seen as weird if you don't lol. I don't care. I had better things to do and I was a busy woman. Now I don't have enough of a life to not watch TV. I will NEVER watch the Hindi serials though. I can't even stand to hear them with the wailing and craziness going on.

  2. Yeah I watch TV when I'm really bored usually, these days I don't see much boredom in my day anymore whcih explain why I went back to nearly no TV watching at all. And yup hindi sass bahu serials just go on my nerve just hearing the high pitched wailing voices and sobs, I don't even like soap operas in English or even French for that matter, so there is no chance I would watch and enjoy one in Hindi...ever!

  3. You are exactly like me! I very rarely watch TV because there are so many better things to do. People get really perplexed when I'm at their homes in India, and they offer to turn on the TV for me and I decline. Seriously, the last thing I need to see to irritate me is the manipulative behaviour that goes on in those superficial saas bahu dramas! I'd rather look out a window!

    - Sharell.

  4. Exactly, the drama in these saas bahu serials is crazy, I can do without it thank you very much.
    I still remember before my wedding my family and I were staying in the Taj in Lucknow, my mom's best friend who was there switched on the TV in her room out of curiosity and said she didn't have the motivation to watch too much of it to get to know what TV in India was like (she is a TV shunner like me) and I was like "Oh yeah there are TV's in the room" I was so happy to have a bathtub in the bathroom and a nice garden view, and time to spend with my family I didn't even notice the TV until she mentionned it :)

  5. "What!! You don't have a TV at home? Then what's all your furniture pointed at?"
    - Joey Tribbianni, FRIENDS


    I can totally live without TV too, but if I have one then I make sure I catch all the Star World sitcoms :)

  6. Hehe I don't even have much free time to watch star World :) But yeah that was one of the only channel I was watching. Right now I think the only thing I watch is Castle on Starworld, I'm too pooped to make it to the 10pm one on Wednesdays, but I watch it the next day at 10am :) Other than that I don't watch anything else :)


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