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Bedroom Paintings

10:12 AM


This project has been in my mind since last August when we first moved in into this flat. I had several ideas and colours going through my mind. First I wanted one big painting, but not sure of what, then I thought something that would match the curtains : turquoise and lavender, but it had a feel I didn’t like, when I finally had ideas about the content: flowers or abstract, it had a generic hotel room feel in my mind.
And then my mom sent a dream catcher she bought in Canada via my cousin who visited in November and I pinned it above my bedside table and loved it so I thought maybe I should go for some tribal inspired paintings, I had several ideas coming through my mind, and in the end I decided to go for tribal tattoo inspired paintings, then I picked out water element creatures because the room is blue and white and I love water, so a pair of fish and a sea turtle were my choice, the “sun” is not copied from any tattoo art I found online, it’s my design, I blanked for a 3rd design and when I found sun tribal designs I just had a hard time drawing them symmetrically so I went freestyle and decided to place it in the center to create balance between the two sea inspired ones.
They were quick to paint, but symmetry in the design was a bit tough to achieve, my fishes don’t look as alike and symmetrical as they should have.

I used a minimalistic colour palette because I didn’t want the painting to steal the focal point too much from our huge bay window and the curtains which are the boldest item in the room decor:


Which I realise isn’t making as much of an impact on this picture, the curtains look much more dramatic when they are closed shut.


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