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Clearly school education isn’t the solution

11:52 AM

Just today a friend of mine shared an article she read in the Pune Mirror, which you can read here.
These are the result of nation wide survey conducted in school to poll students on attitude and values. And I’ll have to agree with the author of that article, if these are representative of the mind set of the future citizens of this country, India is in for a big mess, far from my goal of having my daughter being able to truly mean “Proud to be Indian” when she says it.

Here are some of the scary results that came out of it:

43% of the students polled think educating a girl is a waste of time and resource!
30% Say they want the last word in an argument
80% say different abled people are a burden
60% say they are unwilling to accept immigrants from other STATES (no we aren’t even talking about other countries, just other freaking Indian states here)

And equally disturbing in this article is the paragraph about civic sense which I’ll copy paste for you here:

Poor civic sense
Students in Std IV seem to have a stronger sense of civic responsibility than students of Std VIII with regard to disposal of garbage. Older students seem to have less personal responsibility and repeat undesirable practices if they see everybody doing it, or if the desirable deed involves more work.

A large majority (67 per cent) of students think that it is okay not to consider others’ convenience if done once in a while, if others do not complain or if one is clear that laws are not being broken.

About 45 per cent of students in Stds IV to VIII generally show an extremely positive attitude of trust towards the police and believe that police will try their best to help people. Nearly 20 per cent of students think that it is okay to bend traffic rules in an emergency. 

Yup it seems that people don’t see why they should stop littering unless their neighbour does it first, the good old blame game at play once more. One of the excuse I heard the most often in this country regarding to all the above is that India is a country that is largely uneducated and that it is the problem. Well judging by these result, clearly you can’t blame it on the lack of education, as these kids were polled in schools and are therefore educated and in all likehood come from educated families as well. these kids didn’t come with these prejudices on their own, and I sure hope it’s not the school teachers that perpetuate them. My guess is that parents are the one responsible, kids imitate behaviours they see around them, and as I said in that same “making India proud” blog post, the first duty of any parent is to raise responsible children that will turn into responsible caring independent adults which can affect changes. If it isn’t done nobody is to be blamed but the parents unlike what this lady quoted in the article said:

►    Parents cannot be blamed for everything going wrong in society. It is the friends’ circle and those are who committing violence who are disturbing children 
- Anju Hiranwar, parent to a Class IV boy

If I go by what this lady said that means that once again the blame is on all the others. Well sorry ma’am but when I grew up and did something my parents found objectionable they would punish me accordingly, and if I questioned said authority using a line such as “But so and so does it” clearly using a “put-the-blame-on-something-“ trick here is what my parents would say “If so and so asked you to join them in jumping from the 7th floor of a building would you do it?”. That always put things back into perspective, and taught me very early on that just because some people do things doesn’t mean they are ok. So my answer is YES parents are to be blamed for these alarming survey results, they are the authority figure in a child’s life and guess what raising a child is a big responsibility, so start doing it right, because if your kiddo think girls shall remain uneducated no matter where they got the idea, it is your job to correct it, and if you don’t that means you agree the others are right and that girls are a burden, which makes you a sick person! Ditto for religious intolerance, poor garbage disposal, and all other ills going in this country.

No ifs no buts.


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?"

    This from my parents whenever I tried to point fingers. I was also taught that pointing fingers is a CHILD'S way and not done by a responsible adult who should accept their own fault in a situation.

    Apparently they haven't learned that here yet. Or maybe they have and just don't care?

    Who knows, but I was deeply disturbed by this piece and by the comment of the "Parent" and by what I see daily in the children living in our Society complex.

  2. the kiddos in my society are no better, they think it is fine to kick a 2.5 years old in the face because they want the slide for themselves, or throw her off the merry go round and when I scold them ok to tell me that "I do what I want, you leave" or have the parent tell me I have no right scolding her son, or hug their monster and say "I told you it is bad to hit girls" in a lovey dovey way, but at no point the boy is told to say sorry...Oh and yes had a mom told me that I should not take my daughter to the playground because she is too little and that I should not blame her kid for his behaviour because I was calling for it...WTF?

  3. Anonymous12:10 AM

    The results of the survey are shocking. But then, maybe not. I have seen this attitude in so many Indian children here. I have had my daughter being hit too, and the child's indulgent mum saying the same thing! So so annoying, and what values will that child learn?

    I have known people saying that they are ready to break any rule for their children. Is it a wonder that children grow up with no civic sense? When people think that they are raising 'street smart' children, and refuse to discipline their children, what else will the children learn.

  4. Wordsndream, this is indeed not surprising, parents tend to forget they have a duty toward their children and enforce proper discipline.
    I find the fact that parents are saying they are ready to break rules for their kids quite disturbing :(

  5. Anonymous12:29 AM

    good post
    i think unwilling to accept immigrants from other states are because of those people who come from UP and BIHAR where people are violent and commits crime and reproduce unlimitedly.they come to peaceful places and continue their violent behavior and forms gangs disrupt peace

  6. Yeah but not all people from these States are violent and law disruptive, my husband is from UP he and his family are educated law abiding citizens, so generalization isn't a smart idea, Kids shoud not be told to discriminate against people from a certain State just because they have more easily identifiable pockets of disruptive elements.


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