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12:11 PM

Another Summer short silly post, you are likely to see a lot of these as I previously said, but then some might be useful to people new to India, so here is a grocery pick post about a new flavour of cookies I found the other day :


Now for the record, Britannia Pure Magic cookies have been there for the longest time, I remember snacking on them in the first 2-3 weeks after I moved to India in 2003, back then they had the vanilla filling which is quite close to Oreo cookies, and the chocolate filling, these two still exist, and if you ask me I’ll tell you that the vanilla filling ones actually taste far better than the ones from Oreo. Recently Britannia launched a third variant in the Pure Magic range: Praline Crème, this one has a chocolate/hazelnut filling, and let me tell you it tastes awesome, you definitely get the woodsy taste of ground hazelnut in them and aren’t sickly sweet, granted though that hazelnut cream might be an acquired taste I just hope this flavour is here to stay.

On cookies in India, you will get some really delish ones, but there is one brand to avoid at all cost: Sunfeast, all their variants and flavour are cheap and have that nasty artificial smell that hits your nostrils before you even dare putting one in your mouth, their fruit cream fillings have some seriously disturbing colours, that makes one wonder if it simply hasn’t been dipped in a tub of the same ink that goes into highlighting markers. Even their non cream cookies crumble and taste odd.
Britannia is ITC’s direct competitor, but where ITC seems to be constantly failing Britannia succeeds, in the early days of expatdom I found comfort in their Butter and Cashew cookies, and their choco nut ones. Another brand that has good ones is Parle, their hide and seek chocolate chip cookies are probably the most well known of their cookie range, back in 2003 they had them only in chocolate flavour, but expanded the range to mint, coffee and orange. Though I haven’t seen the mint ones in a long time, and they were my favourite.

Ishita sadly hasn’t developed a palate for good cookies or “sikki” as she calls them and she seem to not mind the horrid tasting Sunfeast ones that much, and each time I have to store an open pack in our cookie jar they contaminate even my healthy crackers with their stench.
though she loves the vanilla filling of both Oreo and Pure Magi so much that she open them carefully peel the cream filling disk off the chocolate biscuit and eat it discarding the actually cookie part. Not all hope are lost with my little cookie monster, she did get a strong liking for my homemade Christmas cookies last December, I hope this year she’ll help me make them too.


  1. my daughter is the same way with cookies :) she carefully licks out all the cream filling and then brings me the slimy cookies saying 'eat mommy!' she gets really angry if I throw them away, so yes, I've had my share of pre-licked cookies, other times I just pretend eat and toss them when she's not looking.

  2. They really should come with the idea to seel the cookie filling in jars, that would spare me from eathing too many high calories slimy cookies :)
    And yes Ishita gets angry if I don't eat them too.

  3. I've been wanting to try those! I love anything pralines and cream.

    I still haven't found that flavored yogurt yet. We're the last to get everything I think.

  4. Boo on not getting the flavoured yogurt thing, I found out two weeks ago that the mother dairy brand also has a blackcurrant one too.

    I think the cookies will be easier to get anywhere though, Britannia is a household name.

  5. Hi Cyn,

    My children liked the biscuits/cookies in India and we will have to try these if/when we return. We were in Pune for a month in Jan and I have 2 fussy girls (8 and 6) so I was dreading finding things for them to eat but we got on fine.

    I've just stumbled across your blog actually and am enjoying reading it very much. We are contemplating spending a year in India at the moment but I am in 2 minds. I am Indian but born and raised in the UK and my husband is English (white). The main things I'm not sure about is uprooting the girls and how they would fit into India society as mixed race children. We currently live in Leicester so it is not an issue here (but would be in other areas of the UK). I would love to hear any opinions you may have. I couldn't find a way of messaging you so apologies for hijacking this post!


  6. Hi Monica,
    welcome to my blog, I don't display my email ID on the blog not to get spam and troll mail.

    On the moving to India for a ear I say go for it, at this age your daughters will understand what is going on and it's a good opportunity for them to learn about living in a new country. As for the fitting in, that shouldn't be a problem in big cities.
    My daughter was born in Bangalore, she is 2.5 years old going on 3, so maybe she is a bit young to be exposed to the mixed race thing, but so far I haven't faced much issue, they are often more directed at me than her anyway, all the annoying comments are coming from ignorant aunties who wonder why my daughter has an Indian name since I'm a foreigner, not hiding their alarm and concern about it and breathe a sign of relief when I say my husband is Indian, or they outright ask me if I am really the mother of the child (which is rude to ask in the first place) had a few tell me that I should only teach my daughter about Indian culture.
    I think Ishita will inevitably ask what is going on when she gets older, I think I'll have to explain in a honest simple way what is going on, but I have time to figure that out. So far the area in whcih we live is great, very cosmopolitan and full of like minded people who don't see any issue in me being a foreigner married to an Indian and ishita being a mixed race kid raised into a multicultural family, they actually find it terrific.

    You can email me here: cynthia.haller@gmail.com

  7. Paddu9:18 PM

    I'm not sure 3.6% by weight trans fat is worth the taste!


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