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Still in my Summer haze streak and seeing not much sign of change anytime soon.

Since I spend  lot of time home, this lead to me decorating the house, and organizing things. In Europe that would be spring cleaning, here it’s more of a “Get yourself occupied on a hot day” thing or maybe a pre-monsoon clean up, after all, all that I organize and clean and straighten now makes for less useless crap and clutter that will mold during the downpour (yes the monsoon in Mumbai is nasty enough to cover everything in fungus).

So in an effort to keep on top of my game as Home Manager (a new alternative to the “housewife” or “Stay at home mom” that should be adopted worldwide) I’ve taken inspiration from a lady blogging about everything household related under the name of “The complete guide to imperfect homemaking”. The blog is amazing, and she has a “Home management Binder” that just is the thing I should have had for years, so I made my own.


The lady at imperfect homemaking says that when things look pretty and neat you want to keep things pretty and neat and use them well, so the Binder has to look good.
I found one in Staples that was sturdy cardboard but covered in easily cleanable plastic, because Mumbai is a dusty polluted place and things need to have the ability to be wiped clean easily, funny though that the only binder that wasn’t black or red and screamed boring corporate was mauve, and that I still had little labels in orange when I made wedding gift thak you cards with them bnecause I decided to go on a mauve and orange theme because these were the colour of my lehenga.

There are several sections in my management binder, I went about them in detail on my other blog, won’t do so here. But I will share one nifty little section I made:


Imperfect homemaking has some free printable, and this one of them: the weekly menu and and grocery shopping list.
I found myself too often wondering what to cook for lunch at the last minute before picking up Ishi in school simply because I have been too busy cleaning up, preparing DH’s to go breakfast and packing his lunch as well as changing diapers, feeding Ishi, and well anything household related to really put much thought into it. Inevitably left me with few options since Ishi comes back from school, hungry, and a bit tired ready to nap, low on patience toddler means the food need to be ready fast, so it always ended up being a quick salad and sandwich, or grilled chicken and vegetables, or the uninventive good old pasta with tomato sauce, which are all nice but get as old and boring as dal-sabji-roti. I’m a foodie, I need variety on my plate. Every weekend I shop buying nice veggies and stuff to create fun meals that never materialise because of the lack of planning…enough!
So this week the lunch menu is:

Monday: a potato / tomato / brinjal (eggplant) mix I serve with rice (and I’ll have to blog about that one, because there is a story there)

Tuesday is : Home made pizza which I do using a crappy ready to reheat garlic naan that taste atrocious as a naan but much better than the pizza base they sell in store. I could make my own dough, I sometime do, but I have these naans in my freezer for quick easy pizzas.
I like mine with a base of tomato puree or pizza sauce, loaded with mushrooms and black olives (and I mean LOADED) and just a sprinkle of cheese on top.

Wednesday is stir fried veggies Chinese style with egg noodles, and no it isn’t hakka noodles, but nice flat ribbon noodles.
Thursday is poha, and yes I know it is supposed to be a breakfast thing, but I prefer it for lunch, I use organic brown rice flakes called “red poha” because they are higher in fibre and taste much better too, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE curry leaves, so a whole bunch goes in mine with a generous amount of coriander leaves as well…a feast for the eye and taste buds. And since my daughter doesn’t like green chillies or even red chilli powder I use paprika instead.

Friday while not written on the planner at the time of the picture will be Prawn satay, because I love prawns and don’t get them often enough because of the cost factor.

Weekend is usually brunch and leftovers for lunch, and sometimes take out in the evening. We chillax then making no plans.

The planning sheet also has a grocery section so that you can write down what you need in preparation of your next weekend grocery shopping trip, you add things as needed during the week and are ready for the next week menu planning by Sunday…I love it.


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