Summer Hibernation

2:32 PM

Hibernation normally happens in Winter with certain species of the animal kingdom that is, though while living in Switzerland I could totally feel like crawling in bed for the cold months and come out of it with the first sign of spring. I was suffering from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) which is mainly due to the lack of daylight thanks to much shorter days, a syndrome that affects a fair percentage of the population across Europe even though more common in Northern countries where it’s almost continuously dark  around the Winter solstice.
I remember these days, came November and I was starting to feel drained for no reason, by December the holiday madness was what made me go through the motion, came the 26th however I used to be there for nobody, staying home in my jammies with my Christmas food leftovers (sent in plastic boxes home with me by my mom) I would just  munch and watch my favourite movies in DVD, read books, and just enjoy doing nothing, absolutely nothing. I was in a profession that fall under the syndicate break between Christmas and New Year, so these were my blissful days of social non-obligations, until December 31st that is, date during which you apparently have no right to stay home and read books, but must mingle with a crowd of at least 4-5 people and cling glasses of bubbly at midnight to salute the next calendar year. Then if I was lucky enough The new year would start in the middle of a week and the syndicate break would extend until the weekend allowing me more time to just laze around and be able to get away with it.
I kid you not when I say my favourite part of the Winter back home was actually just that short little period of time after Christmas, simply because then you have the excuses to just be there for nobody and no social pressure to just play hermit in your home, the only holiday during which if you say “I stayed home and slept for days” is understood and unchallenged by a vast majority (of course you still have bunch of hyperactive that will say “Really? Why didn’t you go skiing?”.

This little introduction to say that the Mumbai Summer is getting to me and I just feel as tired and ready to just laze around until the monsoon with little desire to do anything. I tried doing some Pilates just to say I’m still working out, but considering the only time I have to do it without being turned into an interesting toddler gym is when Ishi is in her 2 hours Summer camp, which comes at 10am after a whole morning of preparing breakfasts, packing lunches and snack for both DH and Ishita and a straightening of the whole apartment. So much so that once I’m done with all this and prepped stuff for lunch I’m just about done with the idea of doing anything physically demanding, it’s movie watching time, reading time, or gaming time.  Because the heat has made my creative juice evaporate in steam while the rest of me drips into a puddle, I resist the AC until nap time, I just don’t want to be addicted to it.

I know I’ll crib once it is there, but right now I long for the monsoon, just to feel alive again, watching the rain fall, holding a steaming cup of tea while doing so. I’m a water sign, that’s my element, and as much as I’d like to be rational about it, I can’t I thrive near water, trips to the beach proved it, and as long as it’s not constant, rain does energize me.
Until then I will just slip into “hibernation mode” writing my blog just to keep it going, with mild daily life topics, drink plenty of water and live life in slow motion.


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