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Life is blissfully uneventful, the Summer haze has got to me and probably made my muse drowsy as well. yet I refuse to just let the blog without regular update, and since I have no hot topic to write about, no crazy events to report, I decided to take inspiration from a friend of mine who posted picture of her pantry cabinets and just show you what lies in a pantry of an expat married to an Indian living in India, I would have done my fridge as well, but it’s not as photogenic as my cabinets just now…one day maybe.
So here we go:


The lower shelf contains all things dal and a few essential, we have all kind of lentils, yet DH swears only by toor dal, my maid keeps asking if he isn’t bored of it though, in summer I find Indian food way too heavy for my tummy so I don’t eat much of it, but in winter I do ask her to cook other types of dal, DH be damned because I agree with her, toor dal is boring, she makes a mean black eyed pea dish. Of course I know how to cook myself, but it makes no sense to cook dal for just one person when there is already a box filled with another kind.
The spray lite cooking spray is my latest find, it makes cooking French toasts, omelettes and sunny side ups with far less fat content. And since discovering red organic poha flakes last year, that’s the only one I go for, no more white starchy poha flakes for me thank you very much, I still prefer my own poha recipe over my maid’s one, so I cook that one myself, I love mine with TONS of curry leaves, and cashew nuts instead of peanuts, and once the dish is ready I top it with a generous amount of coriander leaves so that mine looks fresh and green.

Now for a better view of my top shelf:



A few more jars of pulses, vermicelli and some maida, I also keep the ghee up there because I don’t want the maid to be tempted and add it to everything, Maggi noodles because no Indian household is complete without a pack around, Italian pasta, Asian rice vermicelli, lasagna sheets, two packs of instant soups for these light dinners, complan because DH grew up on it, Nutella because that’s a taste from my childhood, peanut butter because having the same stuff on your bread all the time is boring. A can of tuna fish because it goes well in a sandwich or in a salad in these hot Summer days, and Kinder Joy because my daughter picked it up, my stash of dried Shiitake mushroom is shrinking, and I guess I’ll have to wait next winter to get more because it seems to be a seasonal thing in our local supermarket.
Interesting fact about the Nescafe jar, DH bought it in South Africa when he was staying there for 3 weeks, and brought it back, that was in 2009 and we still have some left, I don’t drink coffee, Dh does occasionally and swears it still tastes fine. I say under no circumstance does Nescafe ever taste remotely good…oh well.

Let’s move to my countertop spice rack, fashioned out of Styrofoam blocks I might add:


has all the basics for Indian cooking and continental cooking, Including my olive oil and two type of vinegars for my salads, I keep saying I should get something better to arrange all my spices and herbs, this is a work in progress.
A lot of spices are in pantry cabinet number 2 :


More spices and herbs on the bottom shelves, and cashew nuts and almonds which is a particular favourite in our household. The ready to fry namkeen stuff never get’s fried in our home, we microwave a handful at a time for 1 minutes and we have a oil less air pooped snack ready.

The top shelf in that cabinet is quite boring and messy:


Oats which we eat often, medicines (including the brandy bottle) my stash of yeast from Switzerland, and a jar full of cornflakes I now think I should throw away because we never eat these unless DH has a cornflakes phase, which hasn’t happened since last June.

I have other bigger pantry cabinets full of my bigger stock of non perishable, but I always transfer small amount of said food to the cabinets mentioned above, so their content is irrelevant, two giant steel canister contain my rice and atta in one of these below counter shelves.

As I said an uninspired blog entry, now you know what is in my pantry, if you were curious about it anyway.

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  1. You should definitely toss the corn flakes lol. Rohit does the same thing with cereal. He likes special K because he's certain he'll lose weight with it.

    I think it's interesting to see what's in your pantry. I often wonder how other expats eat here and what kinds of things they cook with. It's always good to get new ideas.

  2. Yup the corn flakes should go, I need to clean that pantry shelf. Right now it's my daughter that is in a chocos phase, they sit on the counter because there is no space in the cabinets, she eats a handful and is done, so the temptation is huge and I give in :)
    Normally there is one more thing in my pantry: Koka ramen noodles, I prefer them to Maggi because they have more flavours, we particularly like the shrimp flavour, the mushroom one and the Satay Chicken one, btu the Supermarket ran out of them last weekend so we couldn't restock.

    Oh and DH had a namkeens phase too buying different types every week and not liking them, I threw that out a couple of month ago :)


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