Let’s fight eve teasing

11:26 AM

This morning a friend of mine shared this video on Facebook to spread the word about eve teasing. Mumbai women share their thought on what to do with eve teasers in a humorous way, to address a rather serious issue:

Eve teasing is a term used in India to refer to harassment of women that is sexual in nature, it includes cat calling, passing lewd comments, groping and touching women in a crass way, and generally make them feel like they are just wrong being who they are and what place they frequent. Eve teasing happens everywhere, in malls, in bus, at the market, in cinemas…clearly suggesting that a woman’s place is at home and not in the world. Last year two guys who stood up for their ladies friends against eve teasing lost their live in Mumbai, many women feel unsafe in big and small cities alike because of a couple of morons that just think they can get away with belittling women around them.
The country is starting to speak up, and this is why I am sharing this video now. 


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