Looking up at the sky

10:30 AM

The past two weeks has seen an increase of heat and humidity, so typical of that time of the year.
When I try to explain seasons in India to my friends and family back home they wonder how that just work, because spending over half the year with not a single drop of rain falling seem surreal to them. They also feel strongly puzzled when I say “Summer has arrived” by the beginning of March, when they are all watching the first few trees bloom and grow leaves and exclaiming “Spring at last!”

Summer in India is that season that start with dry heat and progress to insanely humid heat as the monsoon comes near, that time when you go from blissfully lethargic to practically begging for rain to come pour down on you by the end of May, floods and mold be damned!
In Bangalore the process is actually a more gentle one, the climate there is kinder and decent enough to grace people with a few Summer storm to help people patient until the monsoon, and even said monsoon does occur in such a way as to not make people hate it with passion as it rains in intermittence with fair chunk of cool yet dry weather.
Mumbai seem to be a whole different thing, I heard Summer storm CAN occur but that in general it just start pour down  buckets with the monsoon and not before, and once the monsoon comes it’s here to stay until September, with days of almost continuous rain and permanently overcast sky for almost it’s whole duration.
Within weeks most people hate it, everything inside the house gets mold, the sky is painted a depressive hue, everything outside the house is green with moss, and roads get damaged thanks to the rain, if not waterlogged during a heavy spell of rain.
While most people in Bangalore will make do with an umbrella to keep dry, the heavy artillery is taken out in Mumbai: Umbrella, plastic overcoats, plastic bags to cover anything from head to your wallet, mobile phones stores selling waterproof covers for your precious phone…nothing is too petty to consider to try to keep somewhat dry.

The monsoon in Mumbai is dreaded as much as people welcome it when it finally comes.
Right now, most of people have their eyes looking up the way I do, looking at the clouds that are now more common, and I know we all have mixed feeling about what is to come. I’m pretty sure that all long for some cooler temperatures the way I do, but while I end up pestering as the fungus grow inside my home there are some for who the monsoon is more than having to deal with a little mold. I know my maid must be glad she made the repair to her house on time not to be flooded, and that less fortunate than her will find themselves waddling in water, or without even a decent roof above their head. Malaria will become rampant once more, and we all will do our damnest to keep the menace at bay, easier done in compounds that have a proper drainage system and gets a visit from the pest fumigation people every other days.

Yes we are all watching the clouds anticipating what’s to come and getting ready in our own ways.
The things I look forward the most to is to be able to spend days with my curtains open, and sitting on my balcony with a cup of steaming tea between my hands watching the downpour, and finally be done using the AC at night.
The way things are looking right now we have a few more days before the first rain, and a week or so before the monsoon start settling in for the season.


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