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I realized last week that I never really blogged about my Wedding, I planned to back in the days, but then a pending possible temporary relocation to Finland that never happened, a new dog, and life caught up with me and I forgot, but what would  my intercultural relationship and expat blog would be without a little more about what is said to be the biggest even in a girl’s life?

Ours was a Hindu ceremony that took place in DH’s native place: Lucknow because he was the last son to be married and all the relatives wanted to be there, I think all in all the reception saw about 400+ guests, in India that is often considered small, in Switzerland that is a big fat wedding. But the planning and organization is much different which makes it possible. The actual wedding ceremony took place on the 6th of July 2006. But we all arrived in Lucknow on July 1st, my family and I  (a party of 5) stayed in the Taj Hotel there until the wedding, did some shopping and sightseeing and enjoyed the pool. On July 4th we had an engagement ceremony, DH and I both wanted it to be small and not costing a fortune, so only the immediate family was present and it took place in my plush hotel room which thanks to it being a 5 star hotel was big enough to accommodate my little party, here is one picture to show what it looked like:


At this point the ceremony is almost over, I’ve been presented with gifts, and offering in a symbolic gesture to wish me wealth and prosperity in my marriage, my MIL picked me a super cute gold necklace and earing set, which is still by far my favourite fancy wear gold ever, it’s not to big, but still fancy, I still wear it on special occasion, I love that necklace tremendously, not sure you can see it properly in the picture. I was fed my favourite sweets: caju barfi, then after this bit is over we exchange rings, fortunately my mom never got to take a good picture of it, we had no professional photographer for that even, and her camera had some issue with the flash that made all pictures blurry. After the rings were exchanged we invited my in-laws to the hotel restaurant for one big nice meal. It was by far my favourite part of the wedding, it was simple, only those who cared where present and we all had fun.
the next day came the Mehendi, I have no good picture of that, again it was simple, in my room, kidding with my family, no big production, because I’m not a big crowd girl, and really what is the point of throwing money on that thing? The pics I have aren’t really good to share, so none, but the next morning when the beautician came to make me up and dress me for my big day here is what the henna on my hands looked like:


A nice dark shade of reddish brown, that got even darker as the day got hotter, a saying says that the darker the mehendi on a bride’s hand the more intense her love is…I’ll leave you to ponder that. Dressing me took time because the dupatta coming with my lehenga was heavy and needed to be pinned on my head properly not to scalp me or fall apart mid ceremony.


As you can see I didn’t go for traditional red and gold for the ceremony, but orange and purple, and everybody loved it.


And that is me about ready to leave the hotel, in DH’s family the bride has her head covered at all time.

The ceremony as such was preceded by the flower garland exchange, I have professional pictures in an album, but for some reason the CD they gave us doesn’t let us see the pictures and upload them on a computer, there is only a musical slide show on it, so these are all my family’s snaps of the big day:


Notice how kids are dressed casual, most adults were also in casual outfits, it was a day time ceremony, following the garlands, we had to sit on thrones for nearly 2 hours during which all guests took turn to take pictures with us…that was a good prep for what loomed upon us at the reception…things to know about India wedding, the bride and groom are the one with the less fun in a lot of places.

family pic

One of the bazillion family pictures taken during that time. the finally the ceremony, my family forgot to take snaps until the ceremony was over, plus they were not quite sure it was ok to do so, see in a church, you sit in reverence, in Hindu wedding…people chat, eat, come and go and such, my family wasn’t used to that bit and didn’t want to do anything offensive at first, so here is one of the few I have, us already married:


Don’t ask me or DH what this blue bundle means or what we were doing, we have no clue, we just know it is done that way. Notice that sindoor on my head is orange, this is something done in DH’s community it seems, the first year the sindoor has to be orange, then you can switch to red, though often my MIL still wears orange too. The Mangalsutra done in many other communities is NOT done in in DH’s women rarely wear it if they have one at all, a married woman wears any necklace she wants as long as she wears one.

The ceremony ended at around 4pm, with us feeling tired, sweaty and so ready for a shower, that had my MIL prompt that my head should not be wet, the Sindoor had to stay on (it actually survived 5 days of shampoo afterward…that’s how much there was), we had more puja and function in my in-law’s home and then a quick power nap before the beautician came to dress me and make me up for the reception that started at 8pm. This time I wore a simpler outfit, a maroon and gold kancheepuram saree that my Mausi bought for me in Chennai when she herd her nephew was getting married. I love LOVE LOVE that saree, I still wear it on special occasion, this is how we looked at the reception:


Sorry for the funny faces, but we were dead tired, and from about 8pm until past midnight we were seated on this sofa waiting for guests to take pictures with us and bring us gifts, surviving on the munchies the waiters sometimes brought our way while we kept watching everybody having a blast, at one point we stood up to go dance for 5 minutes so both the videographer and photographer could have a few candid snaps, I alas don’t have them on the computer but in my wedding album. By 12.30am DH actually yelled at his mom because he was hungry, fed up and she was trying to persuade him to stay seated for picture and hour more, but he won the argument and we were taken in the dinning hall to grab a bite, still with our paparazzi professional and not in tow, eager to grab the first bite we shared as a couple, seriously at this point I was glad my family didn’t take picture and respected the fact I just about had my share of flashes and clicks, beside it was getting ridiculous with us holding food in mid air for 5 minutes for all to snap their food pics. It actually felt like those presidents that shake each others hand for ages for the benefit of the press. Once home we didn’t care for the canopy of jasmine all around our bed, and the rose petals all over the mattress, we undressed and just crashed down for the night, knowing we had to see guests off at 8am and be fresh.


  1. I love the clothes! Your red sari is beautiful, especially the blue on the pallu! I'm a huge fan of purple and that orange lehanga you're wearing is simply stunning. It looks like you had a very beautiful and happy wedding. Being a spoiled bride is always nice. I treasure my gold set that I got as a gift for my wedding as well. Those things just have a special meaning to them.

  2.  The engagement saree is the other favourite, I wore it again last Diwali, the blue on the pallu actually match the completely blue matching blouse that goes with it :), but the shiny soft marron and gold one is still my ultimate favourite, it's so light and flowy and yet fancy enough for formal wear... I got a lot of great gifts before and after the wedding.

  3. uwishbitch5:06 AM

    Wow, what a cheap ass greasy white whore! It's a shame the clothes look much better than you! that douche couldn't find him a real girl. he doesn't care how many dicks u've had before...slut


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