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What brought some to my blog

10:33 AM

I regularly check blogger’s stats to see how many page hits I get and how people landed on my blog, and over the years I noticed a few puzzling search engine phrase that lead me there to say the least.

First there are all the weirdoes out there who have an Aunty fetish of some kind typing the word along with some borderline if not x-rated words. Well dear weirdoes I am sorry to have disappointed you, no raunchy Auntie material on my blog, in fact I am not even sure why Google lead you there because all the words you typed along with Aunty aren’t found on my blog…darn! And a piece of advice: leave the poor Aunties alone would you, it’s not fair to them and you could probably do better.

I’m quite happy however to see regular keywords about how to furnish a home, whether strollers are practical in India, or the availability of cloth diapers, or how does a kitchen in India look…there are clearly people seeking expat friendly info. And that is one of the purpose of that blog

Then there are all the pregnancy Google search, they are quite regular, and a lot of them is about people wanting to know some old wives tales…been there myself, old wives tales are hilarious to read about especially when you are expecting.
What is however rather disturbing in this department are the regular queries about “Will harm come to my unborn child during a solar/lunar eclipse”. I said it once, I can say it a million time, this must be one of the most utterly crazy BS out there. NO it will NOT harm your unborn child, NO solar eclipse aren’t giving bad radiations, and if you really think about it why oh why the light in an eclipse would harm ONLY your unborn child? Wouldn’t the supposed harmful radiation harm you first? The baby is protected inside a sac filled with fluids in the comfort of a uterus lined with strong muscles hidden behind the digestive system, a layer of fat and a layer of skin! Be scientific in your approach please! And for the record, there was a solar eclipse while I was pregnant, 4 months pregnant to be exact, my MIL advised me to stay inside, DH and I said screw it, went shopping, and then ate snacks on my terrace during that time. And my daughter is fine, no deformation, no ugly marks, no health problem, nothing. Pregnancy issues aren’t related to how the moon obstruct the light of the sun, or how the Earth pass in front of the moon…period.
Still in the pregnancy topic and equally disturbing are the many search that lead people here about “How can I ensure my child is born with a fair complexion”. Again I know which blog article you landed on, that was the old wives tale one. No sesame seeds and tea won’t make your baby dark skinned, and you can drink all the milk you want in the world, it will NOT give you a fair baby, skin complexion is ruled by genetic, not  what you eat. Milk will give you a solid intake of calcium, if you can’t stomach it like I did, then eat yogurt, but don’t force yourself to drink milk simply because someone told you it will make baby the fairest of all. My antenatal class was full of people asking that same question to the doctor giving the class, she laughed and told them to just stop thinking that way because there is nothing one can eat that will change how the baby will end up looking, instead of asking what you can eat to affect the complexion of a child, I urge you please to Google “Healthy diet during pregnancy” so that both you and your unborn child get all the nutrient you need, which we all agree is far more important than skin colour!

Very recently I had someone that entered not once but TWICE the key words “Dora cake bad” in Google. That one made me scratch my head, who would want to Google about BAD Dora cakes, and I admit I did try it, and whoever googled it…I admire your patience, because I went as far as 10 pages of search that didn’t show my blog, and I scrolled through a lot of image search in vain too.
Anyway I hope you found what you were looking for, rest assured that even if you think the cake looked bad (my daughter disagrees) it tasted awesome, I never had such an amazing moist chocolate cake in my life.

And last but not least, there are all those who Google “Cyn’s adventure in India”, clearly you have been there before, you remembered the title enough to run a search, you can save yourself some time by bookmarking the site, adding a feed in your Google reader, liking my Facebook page, and even follow me on Twitter to make sure you’ll not miss a post and won’t have to endure a Google search to find me back, all the details you need are found on top of that page on the right side column…but thanks for remembering my blog enough to want to run a Google search to fine it back in the first place.


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