What time is it?…Mumbai style

10:33 AM

The other day my maid made a very good point about us getting a wall clock for the kitchen so that she can keep track of time more easily than running around the house looking for my mobile. In fact that has been one ot the things we planned to buy for year and always forgot about. So this Tuesday I decided to go look online for one, with all the online shopping sites you have around, you are sure to find one. DH didn’t like the ones I found affordable and nice, so after a while we looked on Snap Deal together and found this one :


This clock shows all things Mumbai: the local train, the Bollywood poster, the Auto Rickshaw and the Gateway of India, it even has Mumbai written in Hindi on it. How appropriate since we live in Mumbai huh? We aren’t big on desifying the house, but a few cute quirky pieces…oh yes! My only issue with this clock is that it is not wall mountable and is actually smaller than we thought it would be, but a little ingenuity “A la Mc Gyver” from me and it’s on the wall at a comfortable eye level for us to know what time it is in our kitchen without exposing electronic devices to wet spots and grease.

Now I can also add Snap Deal to the list of recommended websites for online shopping, they usually have great offers, a lot of articles in various categories and I have been enjoying e-window shopping there for a while. Their site is very user friendly, they offer all payment modes including cash on delivery for those not having a bank account or a credit card in India (perfect for newly arrived expats). Of course most online shopping portals in India do have the COD option anyway.
Their service is excellent, I had issue with my AMEX card to make my payment so I had to cancel the payment, within minutes of it I got an email from them asking me if all was ok because the immediately noticed that I had trouble with my order, and provided a link to place the order again, I clicked it and tried with another card and all was well. the immediately send a order confirmation to my email and phone (most sites do that no biggie). the 2 hours later sent me a text and an email telling me they shipped the item via blu dart and gave me the tracking number in the sms message itself telling me the parcel was expected to reach at the latest on May 12th. The parcel however came 24 hours later, since they are based in Mumbai and so am I. The clock arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. And just this morning they again sent me a text and a email telling me that blu dart informed them that the parcel was delivered…just to make sure I was aware of it in case someone else signed for it.
Way to go Snap Deal!

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