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My apartment complex has a really nice park, with a giant fountain that since we moved in last August has been working only twice, the second time being the day before yesterday.
For as long as I lived there until last February I thought this fountain was defective and not working at all, after all it’s always dry, and the pump pit while having a little water in it seem to always have plants leaves clogging it. So just about imagine my surprise when one nice February morning I heard a waterfall sound coming from downstairs and saw that the fountain was in perfect working condition, that day they left it run for an hour after filling it completely and then drained the water, and that was the end of it.
The whole Summer the fountain stayed dry when it could have easily doubled as a kiddie pool and kept our little one cool, but through blistering heat and suffocating humid evenings the fountain only gathered dust and more leaves for the filter.
Wednesday evening, they suddenly decided to fill it again at about 5pm, and even used the fire department hose as it is after all a very large fountain, a L shaped structure of 10 meter long and 3 wide. The kids were all super thrilled and all hopped in (and yes that is Ishita you can see playing in the picture). Some parents had reservation about their kiddos going in there because they thought that maybe the water was not clean enough (and funny how the same kiddos would be let to dip on Juhu beach), but as a vast majority the Fountain became a gathering point, kids playing in the water, parents sitting by the big bench next to it admiring it and taking the freshness it was generating.
Then by 7pm the fountain was turned off and the water drained the next morning. And it hasn’t be filled again so far.

My question is WHY, if you have a fountain, it is a pleasant addition to a garden, the sound is soothing, it creates enough health beneficial negative ions to charge the air and clean it, it energize people, and aside from looking pretty it is loads of fun for the kids. Since the fountain operated on a closed circuit it doesn’t even waste that much water if used regularly. The two just barely 1-2 hours uses for which they filled the whole thing to drain it afterward however IS a waste of water. Not to mention that leaving it running prevents mosquito from breeding in it too, while the puddle of water that remains at the bottom of the pump pit even when not in use becomes a breeding ground for all kind of crap.
In city as stressful and polluted as Mumbai, a soothing water feature is not too much asking for, especially in a higher end residential complex where the designer thought this would be a good idea in the first place and money was put in to built it…oh well, I guess we’ll have to take the few special occasion they decide to make it run and enjoy them.


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