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1:19 PM

I have several blog post ideas in my notebook, a noodle review, a recipe from zucchini soup, languages issue in schools, and I bet my face cream would make a good blog post as well…among other things.

But the thing is I just didn’t feel like writing today, because we have a “vacation” coming super soon. And because the weather is so cool and nice since yesterday that I am just taking it easy and enjoying.
We are heading to Lucknow for a week this coming Sunday, to celebrate Ishita’s 3rd Birthday with the whole family. Basically it is the big production of a party we should normally have thrown accorded to traditions when she turned one, but in 2010 we were fresh out of the boxes in Navi Mumbai and DH had started a new job. In 2011 DH was on his last week at the old job waiting for his new new job to start while I was in Bangalore face with the hard cold reality of having to move again to Mumbai, not the time to fly to Lucknow to throw a party once again. So this year we have to do it, because that’s how it is done in the family, because one million relatives need to come to a social event to meet a toddler they probably didn’t know we had for the past 3 years. And because it is easier for Ishita to skip one week of Nursery class than it will be skipping one week of Jr KG or even Sr KG…or first or second or more standard. You get it, this is the only year left where it is still somewhat convenient to go there and celebrate.
For the occasion Ishi will be in a dress she chose herself (dress that I hid away because the last thing I want is a tantrum to wear it in school and ruin it), I even ordered last minute mascara and eyeliner for myself as I came to the realisation that I have no make up left after I threw all the one I bought in 2006 for my wedding and used only a couple of time over the year (gives you an idea of how often I wear some huh?). I made lists, I am on a mission to eat all perishable in my fridge (now I’ll have to post that zucchini soup thing tomorrow), got all the laundry done, and even made sure we pack the basics medicines to deal with a viral fever we hope Ishi won’t decided to get this time (In-law panic attacks and drama over 102 degree of fever is not fun). I even got a few cartoons downloaded for Ishi to watch, pray she will not be fussy about food so that I won’t have to explain that in the world of Ishita vegetables are radioactive toxic waste she will not touch but that yes the dal can keep coming just fine.
In a good toddler mom fashion way I even bought Ishi a travel gift: pencils and a notebook to scribble into while on the plane to hopefully get to read a magazine, and have the art supplies keep her entertained for a week, so that we do not face the boredom bug we faced last time.
I will remember to pick up a book at the airport because I forgot to browse flipkart in time for me to have reading material on the plane delivered, and the bookstore near to my place just seem to be closed down.

Yes I am scarily ready for our Sunday trip (no suitcases out though, not yet), and because of all this planning and being forced to finish unappetizing stuff in my fridge I am taking it easy on my finger and keyboard, and cooling off my brain.
But promise I’ll post about the zucchini tomorrow…I wanted a picture of the soup I didn’t take last night because I was hungry, and I have leftovers to plate properly for a snap today.
In the meantime…off to school I go to pick up my daughter.


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