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Ching’s Secret Manchurian Noodles

7:54 AM


This one is another typically Indian flavour, and no don’t be fooled about the “Real Chinese, Tasty Chinese” moto on the pack. Because Manchurian is one of the popular taste in the Indian Chinese cuisine, and yes here is such a thing if you don’t believe me I’ll refer you to wikipedia. If you still have your doubts, well let’s just put it this way, China is India’s biggest neighbour, and the border regions share some cultural similarities, including a food repertoire, the migrants that settled all over India adapted their cuisine to suit the Indian palate and things like Manchurian gravy dishes was born. You can Google Manchurian gravy if you want, and you will have a list of links that will take you to a desi cooking site or another.
The taste is so popular that both Ching’s and Knorr came up with a instant gravy powder mix to which you just add water to get the sauce. I know the Knorr one, never tried the Ching’s one.
But here I am reviewing the thing from Ching’s secret I DID try: The Manchurian noodles.
The smell of the taste maker and cooking noodle is definitely reminding me of the smell of the Knorr instant gravy powder I used a couple of times, which appeared to be promising a good taste.
A taste that never came, the noodles have a vague taste of spring onion flavour to them, but masked by a whole lot of chilli taste and nothing else. No Manchurian gravy flavour, in fact not even the trademark gooey texture of the gravy, the noodles are dry and as far as I am concerned a bit disappointing.
The taste isn’t awful, I think if someone is after spicy noodles this will do the trick just fine. My expectation of something labelled Manchurian was much higher which resulted in my taste buds not feeling exited with this one, in the end I felt un-satiated too thanks to the lack of flavour.
Ishita didn’t taste this one, she was in school and I had a 12pm hunger pangs and nothing ready for lunch, so I ate that one instead of having lunch with her later.
I feel quite safe to say that this is one flavour I’ll never buy again, but by all means if you have a curious mind and palate do try it out, it isn’t a disgusting one.


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