Chocolate in my bathroom

1:30 PM

I  have been saying it for years, chocolate fixes everything, and if you don’t believe me well give it a try next time you are about to shred your surrounding to pieces. For me chocolate is the ultimate PMS feel good remedy, and even when completely fine there is no saying no to chocolate.

But then why the bathroom mention in my title you’ll ask? rest assured I haven’t installed a mini-fridge in there to stock up on Lindt to eat it in secret…nope, I haven’t gone that far down the cocoa trail. But then almost. The chocolate in my bathroom looks like this:


The Chocomania body lotion from The Body Shop was a random no special occasion gift from my husband after I mentioned that The Body Shop came up with a chocolate scented lotion. I have a seriously dry skin that screams for attention in the dry cool winter month, and if my body lotion can moisturize and smell divine at the same time I am not going to spit on that. And of course like most The Body Shop products, this lotion delivers, it smells fantastic, in fact so goo you almost would want to eat it, and it does make my skin happy, even in the pulling pain days of Winter. The only downer is that like all The Body Shop Products it is pricey, and at 595 the bottle it’s not something for everyone.
But chocoholic fear not, I found out last week that you can get your chocolate fix in the shower for much much less, comes in the brand Aloe Veda that has a whole range of scented shower gels to try. I first discovered the brand a few months back when I was looking for an alternative to Palmolive's shower gels (my skin is so sensitive that yes even dove soap bar dries it). Back then I tried a Hibiscus scented one that was not at all bad, and lasted me a great deal longer than a Palmolive bottle too. 
I have never seen this brand in stores, I buy it online at which is the sister site of Firstcry where I buy diapers and kids items. So whenever I need something from one site I usually visit the other as well, frankly shopping for cosmetics online spare me the harassment brand promoters in supermarkets make me endure and I can take my own sweet time to browse products, compare, and make my choice. So this time I was looking through the shower gel section and noticed they added much more products in that brand, and then suddenly there it was: Chocolate shower gel!!!!!!!!!!! That was it, I hat to try that one, at 180 rupees a 300ml bottle it’s definitely easy on our budget. And it is a product of India, I’m all for encouraging local companies versus a multibillion dollars multinational.
The verdict on that shower gel: BLISS, the scent is actually vanilla/chocolate, and one whiff at it makes you want to eat it, and you don’t need much more than a few drops on a loofa to make a thick fragrant foam. And it makes taming the PMS beast in the shower even more efficient, now I don;t have to just rely on hot water to soothe my nerves, I can take a good whiff of chocolate as well.

And while writing this entry I referred to my bottle, and I just noticed that Aloe Veda had a website of its own as well:
So I’ll leave you there and go check it out myself…


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