First full Summer in Mumbai completed

1:05 PM

The weather is overcast today, and while the humidity was insane yesterday and a little bit today, we had a drizzle in the morning, a few more days and we will have more rain, the monsoon is pretty much upon us. And that marks the first time I spend the whole Summer in Mumbai.
The first time around in 2004 I stayed only from March end until May end, I remember it was hot, and nights were uncomfortable back then as we had no AC, we then left for Chennai which frankly was worse than Mumbai climate wise and we still didn’t have any AC back then.
The second time when we were staying in Navi Mumbai, we escaped our hell hole in mid-February when the weather was starting to be warm enough to make nights slightly sticky since…yup surprise we still didn’t have any AC.
This time around I went out of Winter into Summer in the same place, and survived Summer, at first the heat was still dry enough, and the AC was required only at night (yes we have one now, though it’s not ours it came with the flat), as the Summer grew more humid as we went into it, nap time could just not happen unless the AC was on and our power bill went up. But I still managed to find staying in the living room while awake bearable, thanks to large bay windows I could open wide to let the evening breeze in.

The only issue I have with Summer in this city is that there isn’t much to do when you have an active toddler on your hand. Going outside between 10am and 4pm is pretty much out of question, the playground in our building is blistering hot with no shade to relax into. So much so Ishita continued going to school after the academic playschool year finished on April 29th, straight into the “Summer camp” which was two hours of fun projects a day, and two hours of peace and quiet for me. Now she has a week of holiday before starting again next Monday, and there is only that much painting and crafts projects that will keep her entertained. Fortunately the rapid climb in humidity level in the air has taken the toll out of her the past 2 days and she doesn’t mind a long nap followed by playing couch potato for a few hours until the playground gets playable again. I for myself can’t wait for her to be back in school and with her friends and get into a routine again. That too without sweating away buckets like I have been the past few weeks. With the clouds looming over thicker and thicker each day I strangely start feeling alive again and look forward to more baking and cooking done in my kitchen, and even a few craft projects in the think tank.

My verdict about the Summer though, is that having an AC makes your nights more restful, and that taking it slow during the day isn’t a bad move at all. All in all it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I am glad it is over. The irony being that back in Switzerland Summer was my favourite season with early Fall, and Winter the one I hated with passion, and now Winter is my favourite and Summer my least.


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