Forget about Mangoes, this is what I always wait for

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And those, would be peaches for those not fully familiar with them. India seem to rave about the Mango Season comes April-May, and while I like them, they aren’t my favourite, I find them a bit messy to eat, and I don’t find them super special enough to call them the king of fruit…to each their own.
Peaches however is an entirely different story, for the first few years in India I didn’t even know they existed, fruits were not so popular back then, and the choice was limited. The first time I saw a peach around here was in 2006 when my in-laws gifted me a huge fruit basket as part of the engagement ceremony, the basket contained quite a few peaches and I even packed the ones left when we went back to Bangalore after the wedding simply because I just couldn’t get enough of them. The next year I saw them for the first time in Bangalore at a local fruit vendor’s shop, but no supermarkets were selling them yet, the year after that the same scenario repeated and the first time I saw them in bigger retail outlets was in 2009, and they truly became popular enough to be everywhere in my area in 2010, not before.
The season for peaches is quite short, they start appearing May end/early June and by July end you can kiss them goodbye. And this ear I have been checking the shelves of the supermarket and my local fruit vendor’s display for a few weeks. I chanced upon a 2 pack of 4 that came at the price of gold 2 weeks back, but one pack had peaches that were almost raw and then they never re-stocked again.
Today I kept with my routine of checking the fruit vendor’s cart in our street but didn’t expect much, and that is when I saw them! All nice and orange with just the right amount of blush to suggest they were ripe. Finally my favourite fruit (along with strawberries) was there for the season, making the arrival of the monsoon that much sweeter. Our local vendor is selling them at 100 rupees a Kg which is totally affordable, so I bought one kilo (which is the exact amount of fruit you see in the picture) And Ishita and I already went through a total of 3 peaches, at this pace I might become a regular buyer at my local street vendor’s cart so much so he’ll have to keep them stocked up.
And the best thing is that DH doesn’t particularly care for them, in pretty much the same way i do not particularly care about mangoes, so they are all mine and Ishi’s, who is a fruit lover like her mom.

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  1. I love mangos!! But then again, I love fruit! Peaches have a short 'good' season here too. I just saw some in the market the other day, but I bought fresh apricots in stead. Peaches and necktarines can be bought next time. ;)

  2.  I like all fruits too at the exeption of papaya, which I don't like much, I can't eat pineapple and kiwi fruit because I am allergic to those two, but anything fruits will otherwise do, mango is not just one I anxiously wait for to become in season or will eat as much as I do with strawberries and peaches, or even litchi which is another of my favourites which is right now in season as well.
    And oh I used to love eating apricot back home too, I haven't seen them in India so far though.


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