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Koka Masala Noodles

5:38 PM


Another noodle taste review, and another from the Koka range, this one is the Masala flavour, and I suspect they changed the name of the flavour to appeal to the desi community, like the other it is imported, and cost 25 rupees a pack, but I’m still fairly sure it is called “Curry Flavour” in other countries because this is how the side of the packet looks:


The German and French text both say Curry, and on the other side of the pack there were more languages all stating it was a curry flavour.
Maggi Noodles have both the original Masala flavour and the curry flavour that is now called “Maggi Thrilling Curry” (which I bought today and plan to taste sometimes soon because I don’t remember the taste enough, even though I had it before.
So how do the Koka Masala noodles fare on the taste bench? Well first while cooking I stuck my nose in the taste maker powder…it strongly smells of the curry powder my mom had in her kitchen and is known in Switzerland as “Madras Curry” even though you will never find it anywhere in India, while cooking the noodles the same curry smell emanated from it, whcih pretty much explain why the flavour is called Curry in all the other languages on the pack…it IS curry, and yes there is a difference between Masala and Curry. It also smelled like some ramen noodles I had back in Switzerland that were…surprise surprise…curry flavoured.
Now to the taste shall we? Well frankly I’m highly divided on this one, it is by far not the best curry noodles I ever had, and it’s definitely not like any masala one I had. When you first put the noodles in the mouth your palate is hit with a complex fragrant taste that last about a nano second and is immediately followed by a bitter tongue numbing flavour of fennel/clove with a little sour taste of onion, nothing really pleasant, and it has for effect to have you gulp the next fork full of noodle in a jiffy to get that nano second of good aroma back in the mouth, and in a matter of 2-3 minutes your noodles are gone from the plate leaving you strangely unsatisfied and drinking tons of water to just get rid of that tongue numbing taste, not a good sign at all.
So yes the so brief instant the noodles hit the tongue the taste is great, I just wished the flavour would linger so one could actually savour the noodles instead of wolfing them down madly just not to have to deal with the after taste.
Oh and Ishita took one fork full and spit it out almost instantly refusing to take another one and syphoning the entire content of her sippy cup, if that is an indication of how weird the taste is.
So based on our experience with that one time try, I won’t be going for more of these…ever and I can advise you to give a miss to that one altogether, not worth the 25 bucks spent on them, and definitely not an indulgent junk food-y treat at all, this is junk all right, and considering the calories, the msg and the sodium in them, the least I can expect from a plate of ramen noodle is to actually satisfy my taste buds.

Now as a tease to what’s coming, I bought the Maggi Thrilling curry this weekend and will try it on a day I feel in mood for some noodles. And I also found a “Cup Noodle” in the flavour Pani Puri…it’s can’t be any more Indian than that and coming from an international brand! I just had to buy it of course, and that actually might be the one I will taste first out of my modest noodle loot of the week.


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