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Maggi Thrillin’ Curry Noodles

6:43 PM


And to continue with my “just Noodling” series, here is another flavour in a the Maggi brand: Thrillin’s curry.
This particular one wasn’t always called that way, back in 2003 the flavour already existed, but was simply labelled: Curry
I tasted it once and the only thing I remember was that it was spicier than the original masala noodles, and since that is not enough material to review it, I bought a pack again. The smell of the taste maker is a cross between the “madras curry” that was found in my mom’s kitchen and garam masala and definitely makes for a warmer smell than the previously tried “Koka masala noodles”, and while sharing some similarities in smell with Maggi masala noodles, the smell is stronger suggesting a hotter taste.

The first thing I noticed while draining the cook noodles was that they had a stronger yellow hue than in the masala version of the same brand, which leads me to think there is some turmeric in that taste maker, I also noticed bits of green stuff that seem to be coriander leaves and red bits that looked like chilli flakes, definitely not your good old plain Jane Maggi noodles.
Taste wise, the first flavour that hit the palate is a bland bitter taste of what I suspect is onion or garlic mixed with coriander leaves, and it is NOT pleasant. The after taste is a sharp hot chilli taste that frankly does nothing for me, not one bit. The curry noodles also have 32 calories more than the masala version, and frankly considering the taste of the Curry noodles, there are no reason as to why preferring the Curry Noodles over the Masala ones, because they don’t make up for the extra calories. This is one Maggi avatar that is less than “Thrillin” which is probably why I tried it only once when it was still called just “Curry”.
As I see it, the Curry version could work for those in need of hot and spicy fare, while the Masala one are the more diplomatic suit all palate noodles.

At this point I think that…gasp dare I say it…the Koka Masala/curry noodles fare much better than this one…which is ironic considering I suggested to give them a miss. Interesting though Ishita ate two fork full of the Maggi Curry ones while she spat the Koka one out refusing to have anything to do with it.
More seriously, I would say stay away from both the noodles cited above, stick to Maggi Masala if what you want is a little warmth and spice.


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