New Pasta Brand and Freebies

9:35 AM

Last Monday I hosted the monthly kitty party that my group of friends take turn to host, and decided to make a vegetarian pasta salad that was a big hit with everybody, the result of which being that my pantry became pasta less for the week, a glitch I had to rectify this weekend when we went grocery shopping of course.
I usually go for Del Monte or San Remo pastas because they are still fairly priced and still good quality enough not to disintegrate to much while cooking them, but my local supermarket is now carrying a new brand that caught my eye: Borges Pasta.
Now Borges I knew the name, it’s a Spanish producer of olive oil, I had no idea they were doing pasta as well. And the only reason I noticed them in the shelves is because they came with a cardboard box labelled “Mediterranean Starter kit” which of course came free. That was enough to catch my attention, but for me to buy something the price need to be competitive too, and I turned the pack around searching for the elusive price tag to finally find it: 145 rupees for 500g of pasta, and that makes it in the same price range as my two favourite brand, so in the cart it went.
At home I opened the Mediterranean starter kit and here is what it contained:


It contained a small recipe booklet with easy vegetarian pasta recipes (and the option to make them non veg) some of them actually sound good enough for me to want to try them (and I usually don’t like these free recipe booklets much).
A small glass bottle (yes glass!) of Borges olive oil which is the brand’s main product, and two herb seasoning mix from Urban Flavorz which is apparently a new desi brand of herbs and spice on the block, the two mix in the kit are Pasta Seasoning, and Cheese and Italian herb seasoning, both being the mix listed in the ingredients of the booklet’s recipes. Urban Flavours also included a small leaflet with the list of all their packaged herbs and spices and what they are normally used for while cooking, I’m going to try finding the crispy onion flakes and garlic flakes in their range one of these days.
I can’t tell you how everything taste yet because I just bought it yesterday, but the whole thing looked cute and I had to take a picture and share it.

DH commented that pasta is becoming more and more popular in India these days and seem to go beyond the simple tomato sauce affair it once was. I pointed out that with more and more dual income families or even single income families with the office going parent having long commute leaving the other in charge of the house and kids for long shift, you could not blame the homemaker for wanting to spend less time sweating away in the kitchen, especially in nuclear families. And pasta provide a healthier option than Maggi at preparing a quick meal. Add to this the numerous cooking shows on TV and magazines coming with more and more easy recipes packed with fresh veggies and herbs and you have a new trend in the making. As I pointed before, plain pasta is pretty much at par with white rice when it comes down to nutritional values, and both fare the same when topped with a healthy home made fresh vegetable mix in gravy. Pasta Sauces are easy to make, versatile and your imagination is the limit. So what’s not to love for the urban stressed out and pressed for time Indian?


  1. Archana1:56 AM

    Hi! I have used this picture for doing a review on my blog (with due credits):

    I am curious to know if you liked the pasta!

  2. Thank you for the credit :-)
    The pasta tasted great, I prefer the farfalle over their fusili though, but that's personnal, they both do amazing be it hot with sauce or in salads.


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