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ceiling in the Tandoor's restaurant Bangalore

I pimped my Facebook page a little today, adding pictures of all the places I visited in India for which I had pictures of, the rule was to post pictures of places only, whenever there was someone close to me in the picture they had to be hard to identify or shown from the back.
I am more of a people picture tacker, which is why I don’t have as many pictures in certain albums as in others.
I of course will add more over time, as I find them around my different back up sources. I find it amazing how I manage to be as disorganized with digital pictures as my parents were with the paper pictures that never made it into an album (one big cardboard box of memories with no order an rhyme to it, made for fun time).
Anyway, if you are curious about my pictures, you can now find them all categorised by location on my blog’s Facebook page, just click on the “Photo” image in the header…you’ll even see the last uploaded pic there.


Due to way too many photo thefts, I have removed every single photo albums that had pictures without my new watermark. I will of course continue to publish pictures on the blog, and on my Facebook page, but there will no longer be categories and not seen on the blog pictures anymore.


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