A quick reminder

10:48 AM

To all smarty pants spammers out there, I’d like to remind you one thing about the comment section on my blog:

This is not a place where you can just post your links to whatever business you have. And don’t think you are fooling me, Disqus and even blogger, half your crap is getting caught and sent to the spam folder.
Trying to outsmart me or my tools by posting a generic “Nice post” “Very Interesting” “Will come back again” along with a link that more often than not has nothing to do with the content does NOT work. I log in several time during the day and catch everything promptly so you are NOT going to get any free publicity here.
And thanks to Disqus, not only do I do not allow any comment with URL in the body to get to my blog without moderation, I blacklist spammers and trolls.

The comments on my blog have to be well written, on topic, and polite, anything but that will get deleted, I said it before, but occasional repeats never hurt.

To all my regular commenters, if you post a link your comment will go into moderation, but just be patient, I’ll whitelist you so that you should have no problem in the future.

That’s all on the moderation topic for now, I have a few entries in the making, I just need time I didn’t get much of this week to write them.


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