Zucchini soup

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So since I promised I would blog about it, here it is: The Zucchini soup.
Since we are leaving for a week this Sunday we were on the usual mission of clearing the fridge of all things that could turn nasty in our absence, and that included a lone zucchini that I was maybe planning to turn into the usual side dish of sautéed greens to go with some chicken, but I nearly forgot about it and there is no chicken left to roast in my freezer.
The problem with sautéed veggies is that they are kind of boring on their own, and for the life of me I don’t know many ways to cook a zucchini. Ironic considering that my grand ma who has a vegetable garden is harvesting monsters every Summer and was left with no choice but eat most of them and give them to family members. The problem is that while she did them in gratins, casseroles, and truck loads of zucchini bread for the freezer, none of these would help me with my one barely one pound store bought one. It’s not enough to make into a gratin, making bread or cake out of it is time consuming and the point is again” what do I eat with it? So I decided to Google zucchini to get some recipes idea. Not surprising, the main result is zucchini bread, there are even people making weird stuff like chocolate zucchini bread! Then there were the meant and zucchini lasagna where the past is replaced by strip of the green veggie in question, which sounds delicious, except I am out of chicken keema.
Then I found this recipe: Zucchini and cheese soup. The author says it’s popular in France with kids. I’ll take her words, for all I know it never crossed the border to Geneva, beside my mom was not big on soups so I missed something in the soup department. But this recipe is simple enough, quick and I had  bunch of “Vache qui rit” herb flavour cheese wedges to use in my fridge as well…perfect!

The taste result was extremely good, not sure it is popular with Ishita, who still consider anything green that doesn’t look like broccoli a product of radioactive toxic waste not even worth ingesting though. She did dip a puri in it, poked the tip of her tongue cautiously twice into the green cream and called it quit. But for me this is a winner, and I think I will do it again, the monsoon is the perfect season for soups, and even though I don’t mind Maggi or Knorr they aren’t exactly over delicious here (we have much more variety back home).
Beside making soup is an easy one, and I finally have a use for the immersion blender attachment that came with my hand held egg beater/mixer…ha! 

I used the Chicken Magic Masala cubes to make the stock, as there is nothing closer to chicken stock around here, vegetarians can use the Vegetable Magic Masala cube which are the closest to a vegetable stock in India, but apparently plain water works fine too. Any cheese spread will apparently do too, it just so happened that we had the brand name the lady refers to in her recipe around.

So there you have my zucchini story, or how I saved myself from playing survivor in my kitchen eating whatever needs to be eaten in their raw form just to prevent food wastage, this time I at least managed to get a gourmet experience out of very limited ingredients…for future trips I’ll have to check what else I can turn into a soup. Today all we are left with is half a cabbage I don’t like and leftover corn on the cob.

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  1. This actually looks really yummy, whats the recipe? I remember my mom used to make something like this...http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Tomato-Zucchini-Stew

    I loved it...maybe I'll have to make it sometime soon. :-)


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