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First of all, Ishi is feeling better and has been full of energy all Friday and Saturday, which means she is definitely going back to school this Monday.
Then DH was away all Friday on a business trip and came back on Saturday morning with the same issue he had Thursday night: forgot his laptop’s charger in office.
So the plan he had was to drive all the way to his office in BKC to pick up the damn charger and come back, but I saw it coming a mile away, when he has to do so much driving around he then get cranky, and the grocery trip we do every weekend become an even bigger pain in the popo than it already is. And the fridge being pretty much empty, this is a trip we needed to do on Saturday and not this Sunday. So in a brilliant move I suggested we all drive toward his office, stop on the way to the new Phoenix Market City mall they built in Kurla, do the grocery shopping there, that way DH is doing only one big trip and keeps his irritation with Mumbai’s traffic to a minimum…pure genius.
DH is by default not a shopping guy, he hates shopping, and he doesn’t really like malls to begin with, which is fine by me, because really all I want is to do grocery shopping at whatever supermarket they have in there (we’ve never been before). DH start by surprising me deciding to give the car to the car spa people for seat cleaning, he knows it takes at least an hour to get it done, and that means we need to kill time in the mall, which I know he hates, and since I really have no intention of shopping, or window shopping (window shopping with a husband in tow is torture..ladies never do it) I tell him we can stop for coffee before heading to the supermarket while waiting.
We locate the area where all the restaurants and the food court is to find something, and I point to cafe Costa, we know them, they make good coffee, good munchies and the seats are comfy, DH heads toward it and suddenly say “Hey let’s try that one, Di Bella Coffee, it looks nice” I saw the signs for it in the parking lot apparently Di Bella is an Australian coffee company that seem to have just arrived in India…so sure let’s give it a try, I’m not a bug fan of coffee so when we go to a coffee shop I pretty much go for the alternative caffeine fixes, which aren’t super numerous in most coffee shop, so let’s see what a new one has to offer in that department.
We go in, a waiter show us to a table and hand us a tablet pc telling us all we have to do is to browse the menu there, and build our order on it. I suddenly see DH’s eye spark a bit…a coffee shop with electronic gizmos! A man’s dream. It took him time to operate the thing, because the whole tablet was a bit slow to react to the finger touching an icon on the screen, but we placed an order, DH had a blast choosing his coffee the add on and then passed the tablet to me so I could choose…there was a big selection of hot chocolate, I don’t usually like hot chocolate because I don’t like milk much, but I really wasn’t in mood for tea (which for me is really weird), they had so many different type of hot chocolates in there, I ended up selecting one with marshmallows in because…well I have been craving for them in a long time and resisting the urge to break the bank on a pack of mini ones at the supermarket for months, knowing that the day I cave the pack would not last more than an hour leave alone a day. getting them in a hot chocolate drink seem like a good compromise. I then point out we better order a small thing to eat so Ishita can get something to munch on. DH take the tablet from me and happily order some ice cream sundae thing, before hitting the “send order” which had me amazed, really you get to place an order and send it to the counter without having the waiter or Barista come and try to cajole you into taking this and that extra topping on the coffee and ice cream to fatten up the bill…wow (Costa and Cafe Coffee day are the worst offenders for that).
The coffee was apparently good, my hot chocolate delivered with me finding the excuse to cave one of these days and buy a pack of mini marshmallows to do some of that hot chocolate at home (yeah right!). Dh was in a super mood and even wanted to roam the mall after our coffee break, and then we headed to a big un-crowded, blissfully clean and orderly Reliance Mart, I did my shopping, DH got his clean car and then we headed to get the charger and off home we went, Dh not at all traumatized by being in a mall, or in the Mumbai traffic…a little does of tablet pc in a coffee shop is apparently all it takes to keep a man happy in an environment that is otherwise designed for the oestrogen loaded lot…who knew!


  1. If it weren't for the apple store I don't think my husband would ever step foot in a mall unnecessarily.

  2. Ash for some reason your comments are never showing up in my Disqus platform without me importing them manually which takes time to update, are you reading my blog from a phone?

    I just wanted to say that DH is the same, if there is no electronic stores in the mall he will be grumpy :-) Which is why I prefer going shopping alone. I think they should have a "Husband play area" where you park your sweeter half while you are shopping, pretty much like they have kid's play area. The man version would be something with giant LCD screens playing criket matches, computers to play with and possibly a few play stations and X boxes lying around :-)

  3. Ashli Abraham10:44 AM

    Yes. I do all my blog reading on my iPhone. I am replying here from a computer though so maybe this comment will work better. Also I know this comment probably belongs on your last post but I came across an article about a new child growth chart.


    My little guy jumped from the fifth to tenth percentile when I checked it out. Based on your complaint about the female pediatricians thinking you don't feed your child well enough I just thought you might want to have some statistical data supporting your side to throw in their faces when needed.

  4. Thanks for the link, I'll have to check that one, I couldn't find the chart in question because tehre are many links. Ishita was formula fed though, which put the whole "Formula babies are obese" theory to rest because I was in the 3rd percentil for weight as a baby and toddler, and was formula fed too, so in our case there is a very strong hereditary factor, and like me as a child she was in the 70th percentile for height, I haven't measured her in ages though, because she just wond keep still enough for it. But any pediatrician should know to ask the right question when seeing a kid that is n the 3rd percentile, and only one guy truely bothered so far. She is super active, sleep no more than a grand total of 12 hours a day when you combine the naps and nights), eat a variety of food albeit in small amount at a time, has one or two normal poops a day, and clearly is still growing tall, and yes there is an hereditary factor at play, i was just the same as her age, so clearly once the medical history has been checked there is little cause for worry with her weight, beside both DH and I have a head circumference in the 3rd percentile and so does Ishi, again you can't expect a child with a small head to have a huge body and that Dr who asked all the right question made that observation saying that she was well proportioned too. As a 3 year old she is 25lbs now.

  5. Yeah I just found that chart, it goes all the way up to 25 months, according to that chart she was between 9-10kg at age 2 and that means she was in the 10-25th percentile...huge difference.

  6. you have a way with words :) I can almost imagine the entire scene like I witnessed it :D Thanks for the tip that electronic gizmos keep husbands happy in malls :) Lord knows, I need one of those to keep my husband in good spirits in malls - next time I drag him into one!

  7. yeah I try to avoid dropping the M bomb on him if I can prevent it, or at the most tell him we need to go for something very specific otherwise he drives me insane :-) if all I want is to do some windo shopping with only a vague idea of what I am looking for in mind I go alone, with him working every other Saturdays that leaves me plenty of weekends with time to kill :-)

  8. ' a big un-crowded, blissfully clean and orderly Reliance Mart,'
    Oh I am soooo jealous! I wish we had such thing here in Nepal. Actually a brand new 3 story 'departmental' store (yes, they call it depart-mental) opened up in our tiny town. Nepalis were lined up around the block to ride on the escalator! I never thought about it, I bet they'd never even seen or heard of an escalator before.
    Unfortunately the new 'departmental' store stocks what looks to be whatever fell off the truck between Istanbul & Delhi. Seriously.

  9. LOL sounds like it could be a bit like Big Bazaar, sometimes I wonder what they stock in there too.
    I was shocked to see that reliance mart so neat and empty of people, but then the Mall is brand new and it's in an area where DH and I commented that people aren't the type clientele, especially since Phoenix malls are on the higher end and sell coslty brands, there are no high end buildings around to attract a crowd. So I doubt people with an average income would go in a mall just to go grocery shopping anyway.

  10. My comment did not come up the last time :( this is the second time this is happening!!!

    And I type such long comments - I usually am too lazy to do it again - blame it on the pregnancy :)

    Anyway the gist of my comment was that I am loving this website - Bigbasket.com - they are an online store aka Flipkart based in Bangalore who will deliver your groceries and veggies to your door step :) believe me there is nothing more wonderful for a heavily pregnant person (9th month.) like myself...

    So wanted to let you know that while I was searching for this online, I came across the big bazaar online website via futurebazaar.com and they have the same Cash On Delivery option so you can order groceries and veggies online and have it delivered to your doorstep if you were to live in Mumbai :)

    I guess you already know this... Just letting you know in case you don't bcuz it can come in handy pregnant or not!

  11. :) I do the same with gal pals. Good that you now have a daughter who in a few years will be a great mall companion i.e. until she is in her teens because after that she wouldn't want to roam a mall with her mom (cuz tatz not cool :D ) Part of the reason why I want to have a daughter myself. On an unrelated note , for your other post on Gender Matters - I thought you were writing about having a daughter instead of a son :D controversial though it may be most parents want sons rather than daughters, grandsons rather than grand-daughters. In the educated society, it is not explicitly mentioned, but implicitly that is the expectation :) no wonder we need to wait till the delivery to find out the sex of the baby! Glad you did not have to go through that problem because I have corrected my FIL more than a couple of times that I could give him a grand-daughter - he conveniently assumes it is going to be a boy!(p.s. - I am 9 months pregnant due by Aug end)

  12. Congratulations and good luck J. I'm sure you will find you will be so in love with your little person that you won't care a tic what gender they are. :). We wanted our little boy to be a girl so badly because frankly I had no experience caring for boys and the idea scared me. I got over it and now if I were to have another baby (though we still want a girl) I wouldn't be terribly disappoinnted with another boy. If you ask the four year old what he would like though he wants to have twin siblings so anything is less scary than that. So are you allowed to have ultrasounds and just not know the gender or can you not get them legally at all?

  13. Aww you are in your final stretch with the pregnancy how exiting!
    I wanted a girl all along, so did DH, I had a few aunties ask what I was hoping for and they looked a bit puzzled when I said "A girl".
    Right when she was born I was too exhausted to listen to the OB so I have no idea if she even said what it was at this point, but the first thing I did when she was placed on my tummy was to look at her private parts to check, and then screamed of joy, I was on total cloud 9 for two reasons, first I had my baby, and then it was a girl, it couldn;t get sweeter than that :-)
    Funny but when I was around 5 months pregnant we bought a baby names book with DH and we both went right at it in the girl name section skipping the boys name all together, highlighting all the names we liked, I think we must have spent over 2 hours on that, then we made out list and we were done we forgot about the book, until 2 weeks before delivery when I pointed out that if this baby turned out to be a boy we would have no names to choose from. OS we both reluctantly looked through the boys name, but we both had issues liking any of them.
    I guess deep down we were both knowing we were getting a girl all along :-)

    Oh and Ishi already likes shopping, she isn't very disciplined yet and I always fear she will destroy the shops, but yup now she needs to give her approval to all clothes we buy for her :-)

  14. You iterate all the reasons why having a girl is much better than having a boy :D As girls ourselves, having played house when we were younger somewhere deep within we always envision a daughter :) Yes, it would be fun to have a girl too :) DH and I have also been liking girl names more than boy names :D Let's see...

  15. awww sorry I am seeing it only now, I thought I had whitelisted you already. All comments containing links go through moderation in Disqus. Simply because I get spam messages a lot, normally it asks me to approve them, but this one for an odd reason has been automatically flagged as spam and I never got a notification for it!

    Thanks a lot I did not know about this site for groceries, as you said pregnant or not it always come in handy to know such sites.
    I whitelisted you this time, so you should no longer see your comments disappear


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