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Koka Chicken Satay flavour noodles

11:35 AM


Due to the lack of inspiration today, I decided to clear the backlog of noodle taste test in my little black book, because yes contrary to what it looks like I don’t eat noodles all the time, I had some reviewed in my notebooks for weeks, this one above being one of them.
You might not find it in every store as it is an imported one, priced 35 rupees a pack when I bought it and ate it a few weeks back, but recently found another flavour in the same range priced at 40, so that probably means the price has increased, I saw just the last weekend that Reliance mart which I visited for the first time ever had some of the varieties in that range too.

This particular flavour is a favourite in our household and had been for months since we moved to Mumbai last year, when I cook this one, one pack is not enough to satisfy both Ishi and my appetite, and even DH who is a die hard Maggi masala noodle fan can’t resist this one.
It’s part of Koka’s No MSG range which means it is safe for those sensitive to it and small children. And calorie wise, a 100g of noodles set you 389 calories which is by far the lowest calorie total I have found so far in the world of instant noodles.
While cooking the noodles it has a very subtle smell, don’t let that make you think it is going to be a bland taste though, because these noodles do deliver.
The taste make comes in two part, one is the powder that you add to the water while cooking them, and the second is a pouch of flavoured oil, it adds about half a teaspoon to the cooked noodles, don’t try to eat your noodles without the oil, I did, and this make them taste a bit blah and dry…the oil MUST be used.
The taste of the noodle has a distinctive Satay flavour indeed, and isn’t too spicy with that lovely hint of roast peanut taste to it, the spice and salt balance in the mix is also just right, which is a good thing because in some of the Koka Noodles flavour there is a bit too much salt for my linking sometimes.

So all in all this take on chicken noodles deserve a thumb up or even two, it passed the fussy toddler test with flying colour too.


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